Fremont, CA

Finding Apartments for Rent in Fremont, CA

Today's Fremont is a combination of three cities that have grown together since the first incorporation occurred in 1956. With a population of over 220,000, Fremont has long been a part of the South Bay of the San Francisco greater region. For years it was known as the last connection on the regional rapid transit system, BART, but in the last decade Fremont has benefited from being in the backyard of the Silicon Valley further south. That spread of technology's wealth has improved Fremont, it's infrastructure, as well as its amenities as a place to live.

Best Neighborhoods in Fremont, CA

The Niles area is a family-friendly location that has been able to retain a small-town feel even though its part of the larger Fremont locale. The area has a significant amount of diversity and local history, which is what makes it attractive for generations of families. Brookvale is another area with a lot of promise for both families as well as commuters who work in Silicon Valley. North Gate is a bit of an older neighborhood, which provides a difference from a lot of the new suburbia home projects. These older locations have character and distinction, even if the home and property sizes are smaller. Warm Springs offer an additional family venue with parks, baseball fields and solid streets with quiet cul de sacs and addresses.

Weather in Fremont, CA

The area shares the same weather patterns as most of the Bay Area and coastal Northern California with mild winters and summers that generally do not reach above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Because Fremont is a bit of a ways inland, it doesn't have to deal with the marine layer that so often plagues the coastline and keeps the San Francisco peninsula socked in fog and overcast skies.

Transportation in Fremont, CA

Much of Fremont is served by the connections of two main highway arteries, Interstate 680 and 880. Additionally, residents have access to BART, which reaches as far north as Richmond, CA and as far east as Concord, CA. Residents also have access to San Jose International Airport for long distance travel, and San Francisco International Airport as well.

Education in Fremont, CA

Fremont's school district system has five high schools fed by a variety of middle schools and elementary schools. Additionally, the region is served by its community college as well as a University of California extension site. Further, Fremont is home to the famous Fremont California School for the Deaf, with a strong reputation for academics as well as unique and viable method of maintaining a high school football team with distinct drum patterns.

Nightlife and Sports in Fremont, CA

Fremont resident have access to a wide array of nightlife and sports events. The area has long history of nightclubs, dance venues, and small club band venues as well. Generations of residents as well as folks from out of town have made their way to Fremont for Friday night or Saturday night fun. Ask anyone who remembers alternative music in the 1980s, and Fremont's dance club One Step Beyond will come up in discussion at some point. That history still continues with plenty of venues in town today.

Sportswise, Fremont has close proximity to Santa Clara, which is the field home for the 49ers and professional football. Additionally, the area is close to the San Jose Sharks for professional hockey and just down the Interstate from Oakland with professional baseball and basketball events. The location has also has easy access to two major venues for big-name concert entertainment at the Oakland Coliseum as well as the Mountain View Amphitheatre.

13 Neighborhoods in Fremont, CA

  • Ardenwood

    A combination of water and wildlife makes Ardenwood the perfect home for those who love to explore the outdoors. Situated between Interstate 880 and two bridges that cross San Francisco Bay, this rising neighborhood provides locals the opportunity to get just about anywhere in the Bay Area, and in very little time.

  • Baylands

    Choose your condo or apartment in the Baylands neighborhood in Fremont and find yourself within blocks of Coyote Hills Regional Park. Join the locals for a hike at this wildlife-rich wetland on the southern end of San Francisco Bay. Get even more exercise at the Fremont Central Park or the Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area, both roughly six miles east of Baylands.

  • Blacow

    Set between the mountains and the bay, Blacow is located just south of Downtown Fremont. This terrific neighborhood contains tidy houses and apartment communities along tree-lined streets, many with mountain views. This is a terrific Bay Area location, just 45 minutes from San Francisco and 23 minutes north of San Jose. The south side of the neighborhood borders I-880 for easy commutes throughout East Bay. With large parks and friendly neighbors, Blacow is the ideal suburban location for those looking for apartments in the San Francisco Bay region.

  • Brookvale

    The neighborhood of Brookvale in northern Fremont, California features quiet streets and proximity to many reputable schools. As one of the first neighborhoods to develop in the area, it has a unique character lacking from many newer housing developments where all houses tend to look the same. Residents also enjoy easy access to shopping and restaurants along the streets that border the neighborhood. The neighborhood also makes a popular destination for commuters because major cities of the bay area such as Oakland and San Francisco can be reached in under an hour using public transit.

  • Cabrillo

    Sandwiched between Interstate 880 and Fremont Boulevard, the Cabrillo neighborhood gives its residents access to main roads, schools and shopping, while upholding Fremont’s multicultural reputation. Just a block away from the bustling center of the Centerville District, Cabrillo and its residents appreciate quiet East Bay Area living. Locals can drive or take the BART train to San Francisco, less than an hour away, or stick around in Fremont for a night out in Centerville.

  • Centerville

    Among the neighborhoods of Fremont, Centerville perhaps best retains its early agricultural character. Alameda Creek runs through the area's north, connecting the Quarry Lakes to San Francisco Bay. Several parks dot the landscape, and tree-lined streets abound. For professionals working in nearby San Francisco, Centerville offers a more scenic and affordable place to call home.

  • Central Downtown

    Surrounded by open land on one side and the San Francisco Bay on the other, Central Downtown Fremont serves as an optimal location for those who love the hustle of Silicon Valley but also enjoy their time having fun. Locals can work hard during the week and relax on the weekends at one of the several regional parks located just minutes from the city.

  • Cherry-Guardino

    Rolling hills to the west create a picturesque backdrop for the neighborhood of Cherry-Guardino, California, located 26 miles south of Oakland. Well-maintained lawns and large single-family homes line the quiet streets of this neighborhood. Although the neighborhood is entirely residential, residents enjoy easy access to the nearby restaurants and shopping centers of Fremont. Additionally, a Bay Area Rapid Transit system station at the edge of the neighborhood provides a gateway to the major cities that line the shores of the San Francisco Bay.

  • Glenmoor

    Glenmoor Gardens can be defined simply with one word, a community. Nothing defines this wonderful neighborhood more. Built around the Glenmoor Gardens Homeowners Association this neighborhood remains one of the oldest and largest neighborhoods in Fremont. Glenmoor is characterized by ranch style homes with large lots and its rich history and traditions.

  • Irvington

    Situated around 30 miles south of Oakland, Irvington is a neighborhood in southern Fremont. The Fremont area comprises the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the Bay Area, giving its residents a suburban quality of life while providing excellent public transportation into other East Bay cities as well as San Francisco.

  • Niles

    Rent an apartment in Niles and live in the midst of railway and film history. This one-time railroad stop was the backdrop of Hollywood’s early film works, starring legends such as Charlie Chaplin, Gloria Swanson, and Bronco Billy. Neighbors often head to Main Street to enjoy a meal at the Nile Café, take in a silent movie at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum, or splurge on ice cream at the Niles Ice Cream Sweets & Eats shop.

  • Northgate-Union City

    Smaller ranch-style homes line the streets of the Northgate neighborhood, located 22 miles south of Oakland. The area is one of the more established neighborhoods of Fremont. Northgate and Union City (directly north) are located along I-880, which forms the western border. About halfway between the San Francisco Bay and the mountains, it's possible to go boating in the morning and enjoy a mountain hike in the afternoon. From Northgate-Union City, it's roughly four miles to both.

  • Sundale

    Located in the south central part of Fremont, the neighborhood of Sundale attracts residents in the city’s Irvington District. Close to Centerville’s exotic dining and recreational opportunities, Sundale locals live the good life like most of Fremont.