Fort Smith, AR

Finding Apartments to Rent in Fort Smith, AR

If you are looking for a great place to call home, consider Fort Smith, Arkansas for apartment rentals. Forbes Magazine recently named Fort Smith, Arkansas as the number one place to live for their standard of living. They have a rich history steeped in the past while still being a nice, progressive town to work and live. The friendly atmosphere of the city makes you feel right at home, while the long avenue through the heart of town features many prominent businesses and places to eat and shop.

The U.S. Army first developed Fort Smith as a military outpost in 1817. Even though Fort Smith has grown immensely since then, it is still an active military-culture type town rich in the history of the past. It is home to the Fort Chaffee Manuever Training Center which is operated by the Arkansas National Guard and the 188th Fighter Wing, training base for the Arkansas Air National Guard. There are plenty of apartments and rentals to choose from in the Fort Smith area and many prominent neighborhoods well known for their pleasant atmosphere and locale.

Top Neighborhoods in Fort Smith, AR

  • Massard: Massard is one of the most affluent and well-developed neighborhoods in Fort Smith. Boasting several high class homes and apartments, there is plenty to choose from here. It is close to the central business district and the St. Edward Mercy Medical Center and Carol Ann Cross Park.
  • Cavanaugh: Located just off of Interstate I-540, this neighborhood is a good central location, fairly close to area schools, shopping, and other activities. It features a host of great apartments and houses to choose from and is one of the city's most sought-after residential areas.
  • Enterprise: Enterprise is located off Hwy. 71 and has a reputation for being a clean, well taken care of neighborhood and is close to parks and recreational areas and other amenities. It is located close to the West Arkansas Regional Park and is an easy drive to the central business district.

Cultural Attractions in Fort Smith, AR

Fort Smith, Arkansas is one of the oldest historical cities and their activities echo this by continuing traditions. They have one of the longest running and oldest symphony orchestras in Arkansas with the Fort Smith Symphony Orchestra. Directed by John Jeter, a highly trained musician and conductor, the orchestra performs for crowds each year and delights audiences with their excellent performances. The Fort Smith Little Theatre has been entertaining people for over 60 years and is another reason people love to visit and live in Fort Smith. The Little Theatre is Arkansas' longest running all-volunteer theatre in the state.

In addition to the Fort Chaffee military base and the other historical attractions, the area is famous for being the central location where they shot the original John Wayne film, True Grit. Some of the events of the film actually occurred and the area has such a western feel that Hollywood decided to create the movie there. There is also a famous novel with the same title inspired by the area and the story of Rooster Cogburn and the young lady he helps to seek vengeance for her father's death.

Outdoor Activities in Fort Smith, AR

Fort Smith is BIG on parks! There are many parks and recreational areas in Fort Smith which draw people in each year. Residents love the close access to park areas they have by living in Fort Smith. You can visit Carol Ann Cross Park by Wildcat Mountain Lake, plan a day of fun at one of the Riverfront Parks, such as the Harry E. Kelley Park, or visit one of their unique "specialty parks" like the Fort Smith Dog Park where you can feel free to take your dog for a day out and meet other dog owners. There is also the McClure Amphitheater nearby and several "neighborhood parks" which are all within walking distance of their respective neighborhoods.

Shopping in Fort Smith, AR

There are plenty of shopping opportunities in Fort Smith to choose from, including the central business district which offers several shops which are traditional in style, reminding one of the old South. There are also the modern Central Mall of Fort Smith, offering many of your favorite stores and name brands all in one place. Whatever your taste in shopping, traditional or modernized, you'll find plenty of deals to check out in the Fort Smith area.

Dining in Fort Smith, AR

There are many fine dining and casual dining experiences awaiting you in Fort Smith. Eat at the famous Bravo Italian Restaurant in downtown Fort Smith and enjoy authentic Italian meals in the pristine atmosphere of one of Fort Smith's higher end establishments. If more casual dining is your preference, try Papa's Pub & Pizzaria, featuring the area's most tasty pizza, according to residents. Their logo is: "A great pub and a hot pie...what else do you need?" These are just two of the offerings of great dining you can experience in Fort Smith. They have plenty more to choose from, many of which are located on the main drag through town or in the central business district.

Weather in Fort Smith, AR

The weather in Fort Smith, Arkansas is mild and comfortable in the spring with typical Southern hot summers and relatively mild winters. Occasionally, there are storms which come over from Oklahoma during the storm season but they are usually mild and do not last long. The comfortable temperatures and beautiful Autumn foliage that can be seen in the Fall season are a popular attraction to the Forth Smith area.

If you are looking for a uniquely historical district rich in the heritage of the old west and Arkansas, as well as a variety of places to adventure and explore, Fort Smith is a great option for you. They seem to have developed a town that offers the best of the old world and the new, where there is never a lack of anything to do. Fort Smith is a great place to call home.

6 Neighborhoods in Fort Smith, AR

  • Cavanaugh

    Cavanaugh lies six miles south of downtown Fort Smith, adjacent to the Arkansas-Oklahoma state line. One of the city's busiest business centers, the neighborhood hosts some of the city's most important employers. Residents come for the fast commute to ADT, Baldor Electric, and Oklahoma Gas & Electric, among others.

  • Downtown Fort Smith

    Downtown Fort Smith contains a little bit of everything for those seeking mid-sized city living. Historic buildings, such as the Forth Smith National Historic Site, intermingle with more contemporary locations, including the Fort Smith Convention Center. The convention center hosts regular concerts, comedic acts, and touring groups for residents to enjoy on the weekends.

  • Fort Smith Eastside

    Forth Smith Regional Airport dominates the eastside portion of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Several parks near this transportation hub provide outdoor spaces near your apartment or rental home when you feel like stretching your legs for a few hours.

  • Fort Smith Northside

    Just moments away from a slew of restaurants, bars, museums, and parks, Fort Smith Northside remains a fun and music-centric place to reside. With a relatively low cost of living, an abundance of local amenities, sunny weather, and high graduation rates, it is no wonder why people in all stages of life choose to reside in this productive city.

  • Fort Smith Southside

    Apartments in Fort Smith Southside are just a short distance from downtown and provide access to fun attractions and area restaurants. The largest shopping mall in the state, Central Mall, provides convenient shopping for the area.

  • Mill Creek

    Mill Creek, named for the creek that flows through the neighborhood balances manufacturing businesses with family residences. Located a few miles southwest of downtown Fort Smith, Mill Creek also lies close to the Arkansas/Oklahoma state line.