East Westwood – Cincinnati, OH

East Westwood is a small but popular neighborhood roughly six miles northwest of Downtown Cincinnati. It is close to everything you love about the city -- the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, the University of Cincinnati, and the Duke Energy Convention Center -- while still providing a somewhat quieter place to call home. East Westwood is directly south of I-74, making this area popular with commuters. The vast Mt. Airy Forest borders East Westwood on its north end, providing a fantastic back yard filled with hiking trails, a disc golf course, a dog park, the Maple Ridge Lodge, and the Unnewehr House.

Schools in East Westwood

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Several restaurants exist within the official borders of East Westwood, and quite a few others lie in the adjacent neighborhood of Northside. Within East Westwood itself, many of the dining options fall into the category of comfort food. In the northern section of the neighborhood lies Putz's Creamy Whip, which has served ice-cream treats in the area since 1938. This eatery doesn't have indoor seating and takes only cash payments, but these limitations haven't stopped the establishment from becoming one of Cincinnati's favorite creamy whip shops. Putz's most popular dish, the blue soft-serve cream, draws visitors from across the city. The cheese coney undoubtedly stands as one of the city's most-ordered dishes, and chain establishments like Skyline Chili enjoy immense popularity for serving these hot dogs. However, they do face competition from locally owned establishments, including Mr. Gene's Dog House. This interesting food truck/permanent building hybrid operates only part of the year, but crushes the competition when open. The hot dogs, zesty onion rings, coneys, and mouthwatering chili dogs bring customers back time and again. Mr. Gene's commitment to low prices and friendly service lend a neighborly feel to this eatery, and the unique atmosphere and delectable food make it one of the neighborhood's preferred restaurant options. Proximity to downtown Cincinnati means most locals leave East Westwood when seeking nightlife. No permanent bars or clubs exist here, but Northside features a well-developed commercial sector with numerous bars. Junker's Tavern, the Northside Tavern and Chameleon all lie less than five minutes from East Westwood.

History & Culture

Though the area was originally intended as a community for the wealthy, East Westwood established a reputation for attracting working class residents soon after the neighborhood was founded. This reputation exists to this day, though toward the end of the 20th century, the growth of the adjacent neighborhood of Northside began to alter East Westwood's demographics. Though the neighborhood now houses a mix of blue- and white-collar residents, the neighborhood remains one of Cincinnati's most affordable areas. No museums exist near East Westwood, though an art scene has develop in the northern sections, due mostly to an influx of young creatives seeking to live close to the trendy neighboring area of Northside. Few annual events occur in the neighborhood, though several festivals and parades go on in adjacent areas.


Driving reigns as the most common method of transportation in East Westwood, and free public parking exists throughout the neighborhood. The proximity of Interstates 75 and 74 makes it easy for residents to get to downtown Cincinnati and beyond. There's a lack of bike lanes throughout the neighborhood, though riding a bike on the shoulder or walking the neighborhood sidewalks remains a safe option, especially during daylight hours in the warmer months of the year. The residential nature of East Westwood does not permit heavy auto traffic, so bikers and walkers need not worry on that front. Cabs occasionally pass through the neighborhood, concentrating in the northern sections of the neighborhood near Northside and Mount Airy. Uber caters to East Westwood, as well as several other ride-share service, including Lyft. Cincinnati's public transportation system does an excellent job of servicing East Westwood, with the bus system running several routes throughout the neighborhood.


The cost of living in East Westwood ranks significantly below that of the city average, despite its proximity to the city center. Average rental rates for a one-bedroom residence run about $360, and an unlimited day-pass for bus service costs just $4.50. Beer at a local pub goes for $2-3 per pint. Gas prices in East Westwood sit about 10 percent below than the national average, and two percent lower than Cincinnati.


The residential nature of East Westwood means few shops exist in the actual neighborhood. Northside, however, stands as one of Cincinnati's best high-value shopping districts, especially the shops surrounding highway 127. No record shop in Cincinnati deserves more respect from vinyl lovers than Shake-It Records. Besides new and classic records, the store caters in CDs, T-Shirts, record players and a variety of other music paraphernalia. Housed in a comfortable, relaxed setting, Shake-It's national reputation, low prices and charming staff draw shoppers from across the region. Just down the street stands Casablanca Vintage, one of the finest clothing shops in Cincinnati. Besides low prices and an astonishing number of wares, the boutique distinguishes itself with an excellent staff. Many of the employees were directly involved in costume design for major motion pictures or high-end clothing repair. In fact, locals insist that no better shop for shoe and clothing repairs exists within the city. Schwarz Food Market and Our Family Market service the community's grocery needs. A five-minute drive outside of East Westwood reveals more options, including UDF, Winner's Market and the Francis International Market, just outside the neighborhood's boundaries. A year-round farmers markets operates In Northside, providing locals with fresh fruits and vegetables.


No parks lies within East Westwood, but the massive Mount Airy Forest borders the neighborhood to the north. This immense natural park offers numerous walking trails, horseback trails, a dog-park, playgrounds, treehouses, gardens and an 18-hole disc golf course, all free of charge to the public. Locals also consider the park a fantastic location for children and dogs. Numerous exercise facilities draw visitors from across the city. At nearly 1,500 acres, this park ranks as the largest in Cincinnati — and as one of the largest urban reforested areas in the nation. A number of hiking clubs, holiday shows, concerts, and educational events happen on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis.
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