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“Well we’re living here in Allentown, where they’re closing all the factories down...” Billy Joel sang about the end of Bethlehem Steel in 1995 -- since Allentown was easier to rhyme, it became part of this anthem instead of Bethlehem. Allentown is the third-largest city in the state. It is situated along the Lehigh River about 50 miles from Philadelphia. In 2016, this dynamic city was named a "national success story" -- one of just six to earn the title. East Allentown is nestled along a bend in the Lehigh River, with the river forming the western, northern, and eastern border. East Allentown is home to two popular parks: Canal Park and Keck Park. It is minutes from downtown attractions, including the PPL Center, which is about one mile away on Hamilton Street.

Schools in East Allentown

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Where do you eat in a town in the throes of change, but traditional to the core? At local businesses that have their roots on the east side and want to see it do well. El Greco’s Pizza II on Hanover makes the best pizza.They also have an array of pastas and it is clear that their sauce does not come from a jar, it is homemade. Recently adding a delivery service makes this place the best in Allentown for pizza. Family-friendly Stahley’s Cellarette has been in the area long enough for patrons who visited as kids to bring their own children there. The reasonable prices and decent food keeps locals coming back. In particular, the steamed clams fly out of the kitchen; everyone orders them and everyone loves them. The Stahley cellarette is their trademark sandwich. Ham and cheese top a roll with pickles, peppers, and tomato sauce. Some people call it odd; others rejoice that a meal for a family of four comes in at under $30.They don’t grumble at paying less than $2 for a Yuengling beer either. Birch beer is on tap for the young ones.This Reader’s Choice in local newspaper The Morning Call is the spot to watch the games.The kids love the video arcade and pool table in the back. Top Diner, located on Union Boulevard, serves breakfast and brunch. Among favorites are typical diner foods; eggs and steak fries during breakfast and veal parmigiana for brunch.The fun never stops at this unique diner. Open 24 hours, they have free coffee refills and a fully-stocked bar in the back. A cool 80s cover band croons groovy tunes from that radical decade. Several establishments in the Lehigh Valley host an open mic night to showcase talented singers and musicians. Coffee shops and bars feature ukulele players and poets. People not as musically gifted enough to sing in person still have fun ways to spend an evening in East Allentown. For a more traditional night on the town, try Mahoney’s Irish Pub. Don’t bring the kids; it is no longer a family restaurant, but a genuine smoky bar, smoking license and all. You will have to step outside if you want a breath of fresh air because there are no windows in the establishment. The jukebox in the back may make you forget all that smoke while you dance the night away.They really live it up on St. Patrick’s Day with an annual celebration, green beer and all.

History & Culture

East Allentown makes it its business to connect with neighbors and business members. This concern for others made a difference in a significant part of U.S. history. The Liberty Bell in nearby Philadelphia was successfully hidden from British troops in Allentown during the Revolutionary War. A replica of the bell sits in the Liberty Bell Shrine Museum in downtown Allentown. The Allentown Art Museum has the perfect event for people who want to do a little more than eat on their lunch break.They offer a fifty minute tour along with lunch most Thursdays at the museums. Schedule displays include Robert Indiana from A to Z and American Pop the Prints. Thursday Nights at the Museum offers children a chance to experience that fun movie in real life. Free admission and fancy foods like lobster macaroni and cheese and wine draw locals from all over Allentown.


The Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority bus service transports customers around the Lehigh Valley area. Passengers ride for $2 and customers purchase tickets at designated locations around the city.Those bus shelters where customers wait will not only shield them from the elements but will produce their own light. Solar panels to produce light are an investment the city was willing to make. Other modern advances with transportation include an app to track when the bus arrives. Several taxi services, including Premium Taxi LLC and United Taxi Company have call-ahead service. Riders can also hail a taxi from the street. Uber does not service the area. A nominal fee is in place for parking on city streets. Five parking garages offer convenient off-street parking administered by the Allentown Parking Authority. They also manage event parking for one flat fee. As a residential and industrial area, East Allentown is walkable and safer than other sections of the city. The Parks and Recreation department manages a bike trail at Trexler Park and walking club further into the city.


The average cost of living in East Allentown is 12% less than the national average making it an affordable city to live in. Expect to pay around $850 a month for a one-bedroom apartment. A beer at the local pub costs about $2 and gas prices run 10% above average.


The major center of commerce in Allentown starts at the Lehigh Valley Mall. Located off Route 78, traffic slows on the highway during the busy shopping season. The mall houses high-end Macy’s department store and high-value appliance store hhgregg. East Allentown has their share of interesting boutiques and shops. Ashley’s Florist & Greenhouse on Hanover handles weddings and any other occasion that requires flowers. Her store can also handle online orders. Village Bake Shop on Union Boulevard has the perfect cake for a wedding. Owner Joe Reisinger has a website full of his many beautiful wedding and special occasion cakes. He can also whip up a gluten-free cake with a variety of different flavors, beside vanilla. Redner’s Warehouse Market is an employee-owned company, which makes it perfect for East Allentown. These stores are limited to the Pennsylvania and New York area. Owner Gary Redner made it his business to care for the community, which is why he invested in projects that helped others. His Save-A-Tape program gave money to local schools and churches. Expect a Toys for Tots bin in each grocery store. Smaller Cookie’s Grocery store on Hanover serves the east side ensuring fresh produce and quality meats. The Allentown Farmers Market is dubbed, "The Most-Modern Old-Fashioned Market in the East". They sell goods and produce from the farming communities in surrounding counties. It is modern because of the size, 90,000 square feet, and the number of vendors, sixty-five. Open three days per week, they have something for every member of the family.


East Allentown residents use East Reservoir Park for the pavilion and recreational needs. Small in size, the park has one grill and nine picnic tables in all. No usage fee exists for this park which residents use for small gatherings. The city of Allentown plans to build a dog park at Trout Creek Park, but for now, they are welcome at all Allentown parks, so long as they are leashed. As a model park system for others to follow, the Allentown Parks system has a number of activities and programs to entertain young and old. In the summertime, youth can entertain themselves with an interactive summer playground program. Seniors keep fit with a walking club that crosses Cedar parkway.
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