Dunbar, WV

Moving to Dunbar, West Virginia provides a wealth of opportunities due to the small town's proximity to Charleston. Dunbar is only five to seven miles from the center of Charleston, so it is easy to visit the urban center of the state within only a few minutes. Along with the close proximity to the state's capital, Dunbar offers a friendly, small town atmosphere without giving up the amenities of a large urban location.

Finding Apartments for Rent in Dunbar, WV 

Finding an apartment in Dunbar is not challenging, primarily due to the proximity to the capital city. There are apartment complexes in the small city and the immediate surroundings, which provides ample opportunity to find a comfortable and affordable apartment. Along with apartments, it may also be possible to find houses and townhomes that are available to rent.

The availability of apartments can vary throughout the year. It is usually easier to find an apartment for rent near the end of the school year. Since Dunbar is close to Charleston, it is a convenient location for students at the University of Charleston.

Top Neighborhoods in Dunbar, WV

Dunbar is a small town just outside of the state's capital, but it offers a level of safety and comfort that is not necessarily available in the capital city.

The most sought after neighborhood in Dunbar is Institute. Even though it is the safest neighborhood in the small town, it is also an affordable location and the cost of living is reasonable. The close proximity to Interstate 64 is also beneficial to residents of the neighborhood.

If you prefer to live closer to the center of town, then City Center may be the best neighborhood for your preferences. The neighborhood is still relatively safe and is near the Interstate 64, but it is closer to the center of town and has a shorter drive to Charleston for weekend attractions.

Dining in Dunbar, WV

The benefit of living in a small town that is near a large urban center is that you can still enjoy some great restaurants without driving far. While the proximity to Charleston provides a wealth of options for dining, closer dining solutions are available in the midst of Dunbar.

If you are in the mood for barbecue and classic American dishes, then Ridge View BBQ is the place to go for an evening of dining with friends and family. The restaurant offers classic BBQ dishes like ribs, pulled pork and barbecue chicken as well as simple meals like sandwiches. It is a classic American restaurant with a variety of options that will appeal to many different tastes and preferences.

Want something a little cheesier? Try Fiorelli, Inc. & Graziano's Pizza Express. The restaurant specializes in pizza and Italian dishes that are made in the traditional manner. You can enjoy hand-tossed pizzas, pasta dishes and specialty meals that give you a taste of Italy within a short drive or walk of your apartment.

Cultural Attractions in Dunbar, WV

As a small town, Dunbar's culture and attractions are not necessarily sophisticated, but that does not mean the options are limited.

Visit Wine Cellar Park during the spring and summer months to enjoy great outdoor activities. Anderson Lake in the park is stocked with trout each year, so you can enjoy a day of fishing with the whole family or with friends. If you do not enjoy fishing, then talk a leisurely walk down the hiking trail. Dunbar is surrounded by amazing natural scenery and the park's walking trail takes full advantage of the beautiful environment with a scenic place to hike and enjoy.

If outdoor activities are not your personal interest, then the Recreation Center may be more appealing. The Recreation Center is the place to enjoy playing sports in the gymnasium or allowing young children to play in the park. The multi-purpose room can be used for parties and special events.

Looking for a little more culture and sophistication? Get on the Interstate 64 and head west. You will reach Charleston within five to seven minutes. In Charleston, you can watch college sports at the University of Charleston, enjoy shopping in a variety of malls and local shops and you can explore a variety of activities that are available in the urban location.

Weather in Dunbar, WV

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of living in Dunbar and renting an apartment is the opportunity to watch the seasonal changes that are available. West Virginia has amazing seasonal changes and it is beautiful during the autumn months when the leaves change on all of the trees.

Since Dunbar is surrounded by beautiful scenery and mountains, you can enjoy as the seasons change. Watch as the leaves turn orange, yellow and red during the autumn. Enjoy the spring, when flowers bloom on the trees.

Transportation in Dunbar, WV

While Dunbar is a small town environment, it is easy to get around the city and even go into Charleston if you do not own a car. Dunbar is part of the Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority, which serves Charleston, West Charleston and Dunbar. Bus routes travel through Dunbar and out toward Charleston, so you can easily get around the area.

Moving to the Charleston area for employment or a higher education does not necessarily mean you must live in the urban environment. Dunbar provides a beautiful small-town area that is close to the capital city to enjoy attractions, shopping and the opportunities without giving up the comfortable and friendly small-town atmosphere.

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