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A densely populated city of Passaic County, Patterson sits right along the edge of the New York City Metropolitan Area. Known as the "Silk City" for its major role in silk production during the 19th century, the city presents a diverse spread of historical landmarks in addition to its sundry array of residences. Despite its dominantly metropolitan atmosphere, Patterson houses a number of unique sub-neighborhoods, including The Great Falls Historic District which encompasses the Great Falls of the Passaic River. The city of Patterson lies approximately 2 miles north of the center of Northern New Jersey.

Schools in Downtown Paterson

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Restaurants & Nightlife

An assortment of internationally themed restaurants and bistros span Paterson, with a strong influence towards Middle Eastern and Latin culture. Many nationally recognized food chains also make their presence known within the city. You find most restaurants located along Main Street and within the Downtown district. Torpedo Base USA serves Paterson as the go-to spot for top-quality sandwiches made fresh to order. Located on Lafayette Street, the restaurant's tucked-away location doesn't stop locals from visiting time and time again. Customers at Torpedo Base USA enjoy a fine selection of graciously portioned subs ranging from the freshly baked hot meatball to the traditional turkey breast. With its affordable prices, consistently great sandwiches and efficient service, Torpedo Base USA holds the reputation of a hidden gem in the community. Be sure to try a delectable freshly baked hot pastrami sandwich with mustard for a real treat. For the most authentic and robust Middle Eastern food in New Jersey, locals make their way to Al Raouche Restaurant on Crooks Avenue. Al Raouche has blossomed into a establishment renowned by residents for its memorable dishes, excellent value and cozy dining environment. Try the signature Al Raouche Combination, containing shish kabab, kufta kabab, lamb kabab, chicken kabab and lamb chops served with the customer's choice of fries, rice or Mediterranean mashed potatoes. Nightlife in downtown Patterson takes you to an assortment of bars, nightclubs, lounges and hookah bars. Paul's Bar and Bowling on Crooks Avenue provides a full bar, pool table, live musical entertainment and eight official-sized bowling lanes. Regulars enjoy inexpensive drinks and specials on the bar's wings. For a more laid-back atmosphere, locals make their way to Arabian Cafe on Main Street. The cafe provides extremely affordable hookah and serves as a great spot to kick back with a group of friends for the night as you sip on freshly brewed hot tea.

History & Culture

A prominent area in the Industrial Revolution founded by the Society for the Establishment of Useful Manufactures, Paterson has served as a city with distinct purpose since its fruition. In the late 18th century, a reservoir system was built to provide water-generated power to textile, firearms and silk factories. These factories attracted waves of immigrant workers seeking employment. Over the next two centuries, the commercial and residential presence in Paterson expanded substantially. Paterson houses the Paterson Museum which showcases a number of historical exhibits including some of the first submarines and engines made in the United States. The Lambert Castle on Valley Road functions as both an event venue and a fine art and artifacts museum.


Most people in Paterson get around town via automobiles, commuter rails and public bus routes. The New Jersey Transit Main Line commuter rail serves as one of the primary forms of public transportation. Taxis and Uber service are also available. Residents park their cars in a number of city-sponsored, paid parking sites, lots and garages. Several major highways stretch throughout Paterson, including Interstate 80 and State Routes 4, 19 and 20, as well as U.S. Route 46 and the Garden State Parkway. Paterson remains a fairly walkable neighborhood, although most residents prefer to travel by car or public transit. Cyclists enjoy access to over 28 official biking routes throughout the city.


The cost of living in Paterson sits just 2 percent lower than the city average. Meanwhile, traveling to the center of the city via New Jersey Transit bus route can cost as little as $1.50. One-bedroom residences rent out at a median cost of $790. Gas prices stand at around 4 percent cheaper than the national average, and even better, a pint of beer only runs you about $3 at most spots.


A concentrated selection of independently owned specialty shops and boutiques join with nationally recognized retail stores in Paterson, especially in major shopping centers such as the Center City Mall. Most stores are located along Main Street in the Downtown area. Nouri Bros Shopping Center on Main Street functions as one of the most heavily frequented shopping centers in Patterson, and a prime locations for groceries. The shop offers and expansive selection of Middle Eastern foods, jewelry, gifts and souvenirs in a neatly organized and clean atmosphere. Whether it's house decor, fresh pastries or CDs you're looking for, Nouri Bros Shopping Center has you covered. Fattal's Syrian Bakery serves as another location for residents' grocery needs. The store features a bakery section and a vast grocery selection, complete with fairly reasonable prices. The 46 Farmers Market on US Highway 46 E offers some of the finest local produce and goods from a number of vendors in the area.


Residents of Paterson enjoy a selection of recreational landscapes ranging from small traditional playgrounds to expansive and dense forest-filled terrain. The Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park houses the famous Great Falls and provides a space for families to enjoy nature in the form of winding trails, open fields and serene walks along the river's edge, all free of cost. The park also serves as great spot to capture breathtaking shots of natural scenery, as well a perfect destination to bring along your furry friend. Paterson does contain a small spread of exercise-centric spots that include basketball courts and other such amenities, but they are not included in locally recognized parks. Be sure to catch the Annual Holiday Boutique Event at the Lambert Castle, a celebration of the holidays where visitors can find a completely revamped museum space decked out with Christmas lights and trees galore.
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