Corpus Christi, TX

Find Apartments for Rent in Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi, Texas, in southern Texas, is a growing city that melds the culture of the Southwest with the pulse of the beach and affordable living. To find the right apartment, you first need to locate the neighborhood that fits your style and budget. City apartments and those a part of the suburban sprawl in Corpus Christi, TX, offer you a variety of living options from affordable to even a few extravagant. Make your list of must-haves, including bedrooms and price points, and use this guide to find your new home.

Top Neighborhoods to Rent in Corpus Christi, TX

Find an apartment in a neighborhood that has just what you want to do. The top neighborhoods in Corpus Christi, TX, are as diverse as the city itself. The more populous areas are in the area of the city near Corpus Christi Bay. The Bay Area covers the district surrounding Corpus Christi Bay. An apartment in Bay Area puts you in a prime location and in an area on the cutting edge of artistic expression. Downtown is close to Bay Area, but it has its own unique style. The Downtown area is the place for all-night adventures. Stay busy and close to work in an apartment in the Downtown district. Central City is a large neighborhood between the main attractions of Corpus Christi and the suburban areas. Central City is family-friendly and provides affordability within driving distance of the more trendy and expensive neighborhoods. Heritage Park within Central City serves as the city’s historical district.

Outside Central City is family-oriented Calallen. This suburban area is away from the hustle and bustle of the city with plenty of activities for children. The lower prices of these apartments fit a large family’s budget. Mustang Island and Padre Island is the place to live for outdoor adventurers. Mustang Island and Padre Island connects to the mainland of Corpus Christi by one main road across the bay. Parts of the island is on a state park, which has plenty of opportunity for hiking and beach side camping close to your apartment. Mustang Island and Padre Island is also a top destination for spring break, so there are plenty of activities for young people.

Cultural Attractions in Corpus Christi, TX

In the Heritage Park district, you can take a tour through of some of the oldest homes in the area, even homes that predate the Civil War, at Heritage Park and Cultural Center. Live near the houses that served as hospitals during times of war and epidemic in one of the most historical areas of the city.

For a modern, trendy neighborhood with an emphasis on artistic venues, try the Bay Area. The Art Center of Corpus Christi is home to the work of many local artists and offers a gallery as well as classes for the everyday aspiring artist. Walk along the bay front for regular artist exhibits throughout the year. Board the nearby USS Lexington, relax at South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center, engage in immigrant culture at the Asian Cultures Museum and Educational Center or visit the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. Live further from Corpus Christi Bay while still enjoying the art scene with a Downtown apartment close to the Art Museum of South Texas.

Dining in Corpus Christi, TX

An apartment in the Bay Area also puts you close to fresh seafood straight from the Gulf. Restaurants like Dragonfly and Water Street Oyster Bar serve fresh sushi, southern-style crawfish and fresh fish tacos. You can take in the view of the bay while eating some its freshest food.

Live close to some of the best barbeque restaurants in the city in family-friendly Calallen. Experience the sweet and tangy taste of the state’s staple food at places like Cotton’s BBQ and Texas A1. The family-style options at barbeque restaurants make these restaurants a perfect fit in Calallen.

Try the area of Central City as the place for standard cuisines at mom-and-pop restaurants. Central city features many chain restaurants, American cuisine and Italian food. Take the kids to the nearby Frank’s Spaghetti House or Luciano’s Italian Restaurant and enjoy great taste without breaking the bank.

Nightlife in Corpus Christi, TX

To live near the exciting nightlife of Corpus Christi, try Mustang Island or Padre Island. The joint islands are a favorite destination for those on spring break, which means there are lots of clubs and bars as well as various transportation modes and walking routes. Pelican Lounge, Farah’s and Office Lounge is just a short distance from Corpus Christi Bay on Padre Island and Mustang Island.

Downtown is also full of high-energy clubs and bars. Cassidy’s Irish Pub, Cheers Bar, Dr. Rockit’s Blues Bar and Flanagan’s Downtown are great bars to listen to music and meet up with friends. Dance the night away at Aria Sky Terrace and Lounge, Twisted Murphy’s or one of the many other clubs in the downtown district.

Transportation in Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi has transportation options for the neighborhoods within the city. Fly into Corpus Christi via the international airport just outside Central City. The suburban areas of the city is best if you have your own car, while Downtown, Bay Area and Central City living give you the green option of using the city’s trolley and shuttle system. The island areas offer plenty of bike trails for an adventurous mode of transportation.

8 Neighborhoods in Corpus Christi, TX

  • Bay Area

    The Bay Area of Corpus Christi lies about 20 miles outside of the city. This city happens to be one of the few beach-side destinations in Texas with a lively atmosphere. As the fifth-largest port in the United States, this city serves as a major point of commerce for the transporting of goods.

  • Calallen

    Located about 12 miles northwest of Corpus Christi proper, the Calallen district owns a reputation for a low cost of living, high rate of employment, well-regarded schools, and plenty of nearby amenities. With Corpus Christi Bay and the Gulf of Mexico each within a dozen miles, the area also provides an endless array of watersports and beaches.

  • Central City

    As the name implies, Central City lies at the very heart and soul of the historical Texas coastal town of Corpus Christi. A blend of residences, business, industry, waterways and wharfs, Central City encompasses downtown; its boundaries include Corpus Christi Bay to the east, the neighborhood of South Side below, the Corpus Christi International airport to the west and Nueces Bay to the north.

  • Flour Bluff

    Flour Bluff, a specified area of Corpus Christi, known for its distinctive history and identity, offers residents a coastal life. Located about 17 miles southeast of Corpus Christi, this area offers a quiet suburban life with an affordable cost of living.

  • North Beach

    Corpus Christi’s North Beach has the feel of summer all year long. Windswept beaches, an abundance of fresh seafood and star-decked nights make for a relaxed lifestyle. Most of this neighborhood lies on a bay, inlet or ocean with spectacular views almost anywhere you light. The neighborhood consists of an eclectic mix of vacationers and permanent residents.

  • Northwest Corpus Christi

    Find a rental with waterfront views in the Northwest Corpus Christi neighborhood. Its prime location along the Nueces River and near local parks like Hazel Bazemore Park allows you to catch the local hawk migration or go fishing or kayaking.

  • Padre Island

    Padre Island, located just 20 minutes from downtown Corpus Christi, has a warm, island atmosphere and a small-town feel. Sandy beaches and excellent fishing opportunities characterize the northern section of the island, while the southernmost tip is reserved for four-wheel drives. Padre Island has a wide variety of homes for rent, and the natural landscape welcomes explorers of all types.

  • South Side

    The South Side of Corpus Christi is considered one of the prime residential neighborhoods of this industrious port city. With a great deal of new construction in the neighborhood, people are attracted to it because of the newer homes with updated amenities. Those who love the outdoors find plenty to be excited about on the South Side, with Corpus Christi Bay and Oso Bay mere blocks away and the beaches of Mustang and Padre Islands just over a bridge. Low housing costs and friendly neighbors go a long way to making the South Side an attractive place to live.