Columbia, MD

Finding Apartments for Rent in Columbia, MD

Finding the right apartment in Columbia, Maryland to meet your needs isn't necessarily as difficult as you may at first thing. Columbia is actually one of the most diverse areas in all of Maryland and has something to offer nearly every type of person. Columbia is actually a type of area known more formally as a "planned community." It is located in central Maryland and is made up of ten villages, all of which are classified as self contained. It was originally opened in the mid 1960s and since then, has positively flourished both with regards to living options for the people who choose to move there and in terms of cultural attractions, shopping and overall quality of life.

The Top Neighborhoods in Columbia, MD

When it comes to finding affordable, high quality apartments in Columbia, Maryland, you certainly aren't without your options. All ten of the area's villages feature high quality housing options for people of all types. Some of the top neighborhoods in Columbia include River Hill, which was first established in 1990 and features areas like Pointers Run and Pheasant Ridge. The oldest village in the area is Wilde Lake, which was established with Columbia itself in the mid 1960s. It features high quality neighborhoods like Faulkner Ridge, The Birches and Running Brook. Owen Brown, Town Center, Hickory Ridge, Dorsey's Search and Kings Contrivance are also viable neighborhoods in the Columbia, Maryland area. Columbia, Maryland is such a well regarded place to live that Money magazine ranked it the number four place to live in the entire United States of America on a list that was published in 2006. Lest you think that was a one time fluke, the city had moved up to number two on the list by the time it was published again in 2010.

Cultural Attractions in Columbia, MD

One of the best things about Columbia, Maryland is that the area is filled with a huge variety of different cultural attractions that residents of all ages can enjoy. Merriweather Post Pavilion is located in the area, which is one of the most famous outdoor concert venues in the United States. A huge number of prominent performers have played there over the years including Jackson Browne, Arcade Fire, the Rolling Stones and more. The band Animal Collective enjoyed playing at Merriweather Post Pavilion so much that they named their 2009 album after it. There are also a wide variety of different performing arts organizations in the Columbia, Maryland area that you can enjoy depending on your tastes. These include but are not limited to Toby's Dinner Theater, which is singlehandedly responsible for putting on a huge number of famous musicals in the area.

Shopping in Columbia, MD

Another one of the reasons why Columbia, Maryland is such a popular destination in the state has to do with its shopping options. The Mall in Columbia is one of the largest shopping malls on the east coast and features all popular department stores like Macy's, Nordstrom and more. The mall also features a fully stocked movie theater that shows all of the latest and greatest Hollywood hits, as well as a total of over 200 different stores and restaurants that patrons can choose from. If the mega mall environment isn't quite your thing, however, there are still a wide range of shopping options for you to experiment with. Each of the villages in the Columbia area has its own "village center" that includes various retail outlets, gas stations, hair salons, restaurants and more.

Transportation Options in Columbia, MD

Because the area of Columbia is so tightly connected, there are a wide variety of different transportation options that residents can choose from depending on their needs. A "mini bus" system is in operation in the area that is fully owned and operated by the Columbia Association of Maryland. Because Columbia, Maryland is located within the larger Howard County, there are also six different major transit bus routes that will take residents both in and around Columbia as well as to other major cities in the area like Elliott City and even the nearby BWI International Airport. Additional transportation options include the Maryland Transit Administration, which serves residents of the Columbia area and gives them transportation options not only to Baltimore City to the north, but to Washington DC to the south.

Weather in Columbia, MD

Because of its geographical location, the weather and general climate in Columbia, Maryland is very much in line with what residents in the remaining parts of the state can expect on a yearly basis. Columbia experiences what is commonly referred to as a humid subtropical climate, which means that residents can expect cool winters with little snowfall and hot temperatures during those warm summer months of the year. The average high in July in Columbia, Maryland is 87 degrees Fahrenheit, for example. While that may seem hot and uncomfortable for some, it's important to remember the benefits that such a climate affords all who live there when the rest of the country is covered in snow during the winter. The average low during November is only 38 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much higher than many other parts of the country - including in the Midwestern portion of the United States. Columbia, Maryland also doesn't get a great deal of precipitation during the year.

10 Neighborhoods in Columbia, MD

  • Downtown Columbia

    Downtown Columbia lies at the center of the affluent Howard County region of Maryland outside Baltimore. With some of the best public and private schools in the area, shopping, restaurants and public parks, something for everyone abounds in this area. This thriving Maryland town has countless modern conveniences, with a handy location just 15 miles from downtown Baltimore and 20 miles from nearby Washington D.C. This creates an eclectic mix of residents who resonate with both of these major cities. A family-friendly community that consists of young growing families, retirees and established professionals, this suburban community provides its residents a welcoming neighborhood to call home.

  • Fairway Hills

    As the northernmost stretch of land within the planned community of Columbia, Fairway Hills is flanked by beautiful parks and the Fairway Hills Golf Course. Roads naturally curve and bend with the land, designed to provide natural vistas within the area's residential districts. Only an hour southwest of Baltimore, Columbia's tight-knit community and family-friendly atmosphere gives Fairway Hills residents much to love about the surrounding area.

  • Harpers Choice

    Harper's Choice is a cluster of three neighborhoods in Columbia, an affluent suburb just 25 miles southwest of Baltimore. Harper's Choice is known for its sport facilities and outdoor activities. The Hobbit's Glen Golf Course is an established social and recreational center. The Columbia Athletic Club, numerous pools, and Columbia Association Sports Park are all also located in this neighborhood. There's always a sport to play or new dining experience to try in this neighborhood

  • Hickory Ridge

    Hickory Ridge is a neighborhood in Columbia, a suburb just 25 miles southwest of Baltimore. Hickory Ridge’s verdant landscape and parks, top-notch public schools, nationally recognized hospital, bustling village center, and renowned community college make this community of just over 13,000 a true “hidden gem.”

  • Jessup-Howard

    Jessup, an unincorporated community in Howard County Maryland, provides residents with an inviting, rural area to call home. Known for its family-friendly personality and convenient location to both Baltimore and Annapolis, Jessup attracts residents from all over the area.

  • Kings Contrivance

    The southernmost point of the planned community of Columbia, Kings Contrivance marries the beauty of the area's natural landscape with pleasant suburban housing, creating a safe, community-drive and family-focused environment. Located centrally between Washington D.C. and Baltimore, the town's enviable location makes day trips into both major cities an option as well.

  • Long Reach

    One of the oldest neighborhoods within the planned village of Columbia, Long Reach enjoys access to a number of the nation's largest cities, with Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington D.C. all just a short trip away. Despite that proximity, locals do not have to travel beyond the community's borders to find something to do. Originally designed with the idea that a city should enhance its residents' quality of life and provide a foundation for human values, Columbia prides itself on its tightly knit community, which the residential district of Long Reach exudes through its numerous children's centers, family-oriented festivals and buzzing nightlife.

  • Oakland Mills

    Among Columbia's northernmost neighborhoods, Oakland Mills puts Columbia's best foot forward to those coming in from Baltimore to the northwest with a warm and enthusiastic community. With its excellent schools and a community and teen center, Oakland Mills focuses on a family-friendly atmosphere, making this residential district a great place to raise children.

  • Owen Brown

    Among Columbia's most residential-focused districts, the Owen Brown village eschews many of the businesses incorporated within the planned community's other neighborhoods in favor of peaceful streets, serene views of Lake Elkhorn and winding roads that curve alongside the slope and sway of Maryland's natural landscape. Centrally located, Owen Brown provides locals easy access to the rest of Columbia, as well as the nearby cities of Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington.

  • Wilde Lake

    Nestled into the northwest corner of the planned community of Columbia, Wilde Lake provides locals with some of the most scenic views in town. Historical and modern housing stand side by side, providing a gorgeous view of the eponymous lake. Conveniently located near the town village and Columbia Mall, and only a half-hour's drive from Baltimore, Wilde Lake makes for one of the most sought-after locales within Columbia.