Cedar Rapids, IA

Finding Apartments for Rent in Cedar Rapids, IA

Finding apartments for rent in Cedar Rapids, Iowa should be as easy as can be. There are apartments for every need, budget, and desire in this family-friendly city. You can find apartment communities near some of the best schools in town, luxury apartments and downtown lofts for executives and young professionals who want to live near where they work, and even private homes with rooms or floors that have been converted into apartments for those who prefer apartment living in residential neighborhoods. When it comes to apartments, Cedar Rapids has it all.

Top Neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids, IA

Czech Village--This neighborhood is home to a lot of Czech immigrants, and they have made the area uniquely their own. The area is full of Czech-owned businesses, including retail stores and restaurants. There is even an Czech antique store. The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library is also located in this neighborhood. It is a wonderful place to live if you are Czech, or to soak up some authentic elements of another culture if you are not. While the population in this area is Czech-heavy, residents of other nationalities are welcomed and treated as the community's own.

Wellington Heights--This downtown neighborhood is perfect for anyone who wants to live in the middle of all of the action. It is close to all the best restaurants and shopping, as well as many of the area's cultural attractions. It is within walking distance to some excellent family parks and good schools, too. Pedestrian and pet-friendly, Wellington Heights is a well-maintained neighborhood where people get to know each other. Therefore, it is also a very safe, close-knit neighborhood, where newcomers are welcomed as part of the family.

Noelridge Park--This is a strongly residential area in the suburbs of Cedar Rapids. It is just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of downtown to be quiet and peaceful, while still being within close driving distance to any downtown goings-on you may want to see. This is a place where kids ride their bikes to see their friends who live a few blocks over, and most people in the neighborhood know or know of each other. It is very safe, and it has its own community swimming pool. The schools in the area are well-rated, too. This is a perfect neighborhood to raise a family.

Cultural Attractions in Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids is a good place to go for culture. In fact, the city embraces it. Here, you will find such treasures as the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Orchestra Iowa, the Paramount Theater, Theatre Cedar Rapids, and more.

The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art houses the works of some of the world's best-known modern artists, including icon Andy Warhol. The Orchestra Iowa puts on concerts all year long, moving into different genres of music with each performance. The Paramount Theater and Theatre Cedar Rapids are lovely venues for seeing old movies and live theater performances. Sometimes, even large concerts from nationally known acts, as well as popular comedians come here. There is always something to do and see in Cedar Rapids to whet your cultural appetite.

Transportation Options in Cedar Rapids, IA

The Eastern Iowa Airport is a regional hub that takes commercial passengers to larger international airports in nearby cities. Four railroads serve the city, though they are all commercial routes. Local businesses can use these railroads for shipping, if need be. There is a Burlington Trailways bus station in town that connects Cedar Rapids to other cities in the midwest. The station is located conveniently at the airport. Cedar Rapids Transit provides public bus and taxi service throughout the city and to the nearby cities of Marion and Hiawatha. The downtown area is dotted by enclosed skywalks for pedestrians, making the city very pedestrian-friendly. There are also a couple of major interstates with connections in Cedar Rapids, making getting in and out of town simple for those with cars with places to travel. There are several entrance and exit ramps within the city, so no one ever needs to drive too far to find a way to access the local interstate highways, even if you live in the suburbs.

Sports in Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids has its own minor-league baseball team called the Cedar Rapids Kernels. The Kernels are in the Midwest League and are a Class-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. The Rapids Rough Riders are the local hockey team, and are one-time Clark Cup champions, giving the city something to brag about to other hockey teams and enthusiasts. High school volleyball is another popular local sport, as the city's team does very well at local and regional games, giving residents a strong team for which to cheer. The city even has its own female roller derby team in the Cedar Rapids Rollergirls. The people of Cedar Rapids love their sports, and the city provides plenty of opportunities for them to enjoy a wide variety of them. When it comes to bragging rights, there is nothing a Cedar Rapids resident likes better than when a hometown team wins a championship. This is news worthy of discussion until the next championship game the next year, which brings out large crowds to cheer on a reigning championship team to another victory. If you live in Cedar Rapids, you can't help but get caught up in all of the sports excitement.

2 Neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids, IA

  • Oakhill Jackson

    In the heart of downtown Cedar Rapids overlooking the Cedar River, Oakhill Jackson is in the center of the action. The community features diverse housing options, a thriving arts and entertainment district, and plenty of local businesses, along with several parks and recreation centers. Historic brickstones house small apartments in the center of Oakhill Jackson, and modern lofts provide chic accommodations in the artsy NewBo district to the south.

  • Southwest Area

    Split by I-380 and sitting just southwest of the Cedar River, the Southwest area of Cedar Rapids attracts residents with its under-three-mile proximity to downtown and easy access to major roadways. Area apartments provide opportunities to live in exciting urban spaces, along the river or overlooking the neighborhood's green spaces. Jones Memorial Park on Wilson Avenue SW provides numerous recreational opportunities for locals, including a top-notch golf course, a swimming pool, a soccer field, a disc golf course, and tennis courts along with walking paths, picnic pavilions, and playgrounds.