Camden, DE

Finding Apartments for Rent in Camden, DE

Camden is a city that sits almost directly in the center of the state of Delaware. Despite the fact that it's a small city of just under two square miles and has an equally tiny population at just over 2,100 people, Camden is still an exciting and fulfilling place to live. It's near the populous town of Dover, which makes it a nice and quiet suburb that's not too far away from the action of a larger city. Furthermore, Camden boasts plenty of naturally beautiful attractions, cultural spots and fun places to visit.

Top Neighborhoods in Camden, DE

Because of Camden's small size, there isn't a wide diversity in the city's neighborhoods. However, one very in-demand place to live is that of the Camden historical district, which is located in the "town square," so to speak. This area has plenty of beautiful buildings with unique architecture, many of which are still used as shops and storefronts today. Some have even been converted into apartments that are available for rent. However, since demand is so high, it's a good idea to put in your rental applications early and often if you plan on living in the city's historical district, as availabilities are generally few and far between!

Cultural Attractions in Camden, DE

One historical landmark that all residents and visitors of Camden should take the time to check out for themselves is the famous John Dickinson Plantation, which is located on Kitts Hummock Road. Little do many people know, John Dickinson was one of the nation's founding fathers; as such, his signature can even be found on the United States Constitution. He also played a big role in starting the American Revolution. Visitors of this landmark and history museum can take tours throughout the week and on weekends, which is a great way to learn more about the significance of this home and the man who lived in it.

The Delaware Agricultural Museum is another must-see attraction for those who want to learn more about local agriculture and nature. To take a step back in time, you can even explore a representation of a real Delaware village as it would have looked in the 1890s. 

Transportation in Camden, DE

The majority of Camden's residents own personal vehicles, though many choose to commute locally using a bicycle or on foot during the warmer months of the year, from April through October. If you don't have a personal vehicle in Camden, the good news is that because of its small area you can walk or bike most places without it taking too long. There are also local taxi services available that can transport you around town or even out to local cities such as Dover for under $30. Unfortunately, Camden is currently not serviced as a part of the state's bus transportation system, DART, though this may be changing in the future.

Entertainment in Camden, DE

There's plenty to see and do on your nights out in the small city of Camden. One of the town's main attractions for residents and visitors alike is Fifer's Orchards. Located on Allabands Mill Road, Fifer's beautiful grounds have a wide selection of delicious and fresh fruits and veggies all year-round. Got a sweet tooth? Try some of Fifer's homemade ice cream on site - the perfect way to cool off on a hot day. You can also enjoy their annual Peach and Strawberry festivals during the summer, which are a lot of fun for people of all ages.

Brecknock Park is another place to visit if you're looking for a fun day outdoors. This county park is absolutely free to visit and has plenty to do for both children and adults. Enjoy a peaceful walk through the park's many nature trails or check out the beautiful Victorian style Tenant House, which was used to house farm managers back in the 1800s. 

Finally, be sure to check out Brunswick Doverama, where you can enjoy cosmic bowling, public bowling and arcade games with family and friends. This is a great place to stop in on days when the weather isn't so great, as there are plenty of indoor activities here for people of all ages. Whether you're a pro bowler or just looking to have fun with some bumper bowling, you'll have a great time here without spending a lot of money in the process. Cosmic bowling takes place every Saturday night and there are many other specials during the week.