Burlington, MA


In the northwest corner of Boston, Massachusetts, you’ll find the quaint suburb of Burlington. A part of metropolitan Greater Boston, Burlington is easily accessible to I-95. This picturesque and charming community is the perfect commuter town, allowing you easy access to Boston while offering a quaint and cozy neighborhood to come home to as well. The historical ambiance of this town is sure to enhance the comfortable, family-friend atmosphere, and the colonial architecture throughout brings a charming character to this idyllic Massachusetts town. Enjoy the walking trails and serene fishing spots around town, or go bowling at Kings Burlington. And, don’t forget that with the city of Boston just a stone’s throw away, culture and nightlife are always wherever you are when you rent your next apartment in Burlington, Massachusetts.

3 Neighborhoods in Burlington, MA

  • Burlington Town Center

    Situated 18 miles northwest of downtown Boston, Burlington stands as a peaceful city known for its technological institutions, with Burlington Town Center at its heart. Despite its central location, the town center maintains a small-town feel with several forested parks and low-rise commercial buildings.

  • Havenville

    Hidden away from Burlington's vibrant commercial areas, the Havenville community stands out as a suburban paradise with its wide yards and tight-knit community. Natural areas, such as the Vine Brook Wellfields, never lie more than a few blocks from your doorstep. Locals enjoy the way Havenville's leaves change in the fall, and the city lies 15 miles north of the downtown center of Boston, Mass.

  • Woods Corner

    You can find the Woods Corner neighborhood sitting on the outskirts of northwest Boston, Massachusetts. A part of nearby Burlington, this area is defined by its tree-lined avenues, upscale single-family dwellings, apartment buildings, restaurants and other small businesses. Steeped in the history of the American Revolution, the areas in and around Boston have many historical landmarks, especially in nearby Lexington, including the Buckman Tavern and Hancock-Clarke House.