Billings, MT

Cultural Attractions in Billings, MT

If there is anything Billings isn't short on, it's cultural attractions. The go-to attractions include Pictograph State Park, the location of primitive pictographs that are over 4,500 years old; the Alberta Bair Theater for the Performing Arts; the Moss Mansion, a huge, red sandstone mansion that is over 100 years old; Don Walt Gardens, a beautiful estate where both native and non-native flowers are put on display for guest who walk around the grounds; The Western Heritage Center and Museum and the Yellowstone Art Museum.

Shopping in Billings, MT

If you're looking for brand names and electronics, the easiest way to go about finding what you need in Billings is to go to the Rimrock Mall. However, if you are looking for something more authentic, there are kinds of specialty shops in Billings.

Whether you are looking for art, western wear, book stores, sporting equipment or just want to wonder around until you find something that catches your eye, the best place to go in Billings is Downtown Billings.

Dining in Billings, MT

Billings has a great food service industry. A few of the best dining establishments include:

  • Montana Brewing: While the food is tasty, but it's their variety of brews that makes the joint worth visiting. Some of their beers include Custer's Last Stout and Pomegranate Wheat. Maybe the most attractive aspect of the micro-brewery is the building it is in which looks like a 1800s bank that was turned into a bar!
  • Lilac: This is one of the most upscale restaurants in Billings. They have a menu filled with a wide variety of very unique dishes. Examples of appetizers include lamb on a briquette, goat cheese soufflé or stuffed squid. Main courses included lamb pasta with pasta, glazed pork or a bacon burger with jelly. Sides like sweet potato deep fried balls as a side fill-out each course.

Nightlife in Billings, MT

For those looking for after hours entertainment, most of the night clubs and bars are along Montana Avenue and Broadway. One of the most popular night clubs in Billings is The Carlin. It is a martini bar with live jazz on Friday nights.

Other fun bars include the Rainbow Bar, Hudson's, the Rail Yard, Smitty's and Hooligans. All of them have kitchens and food specials. The Vig Alehouse has free wings every night at 5:00 until they run out. The Stampede Country Bar has projectile comedy every Thursday and $1 off drinks. Cactus Creek provides a free kid's meal with every adult purchase.

Sports in Billings, MT

Most people already understand that there are all kinds of outdoors activities to do around Billings. The fishing, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding around Billings is world-class.

However, most people aren't aware of the fact that Billings has over a dozen golf courses including public municipal courses, private courses, 9 hole courses and par three courses. Additionally, Billings has a community and senior center, dozens of gyms and weight rooms, public parks with basketball courts and soccer and football fields.

The Dehler Park baseball field is home to both high school and college baseball games and tournaments from the entire five state area.

Of all the sports Billings caters to, it's rodeo. Billing's MetaPark is the largest events center in a five state radius. It has an auto arena, a pavilion, an expo center, a half-house arena, grandstands and a 4-H building.

Transportation Options in Billings, MT

For those looking to use public transportation, Billings proudly boasts the METropolitan Transit. It is a paratransit bus service that circumnavigates the city and moves over 5,000 people daily. It is wheel chair and mobility device accessible and each bus has a bike rack for those commuters that cover short distances via bicycle.

Weather in Billings, MT

Billings, like the rest of the Mountain West states, gets cold in the winter. Unlike Colorado and Utah, Montana can have several days or weeks in a row where the big sky country's sky remains overcast. Nights often fall well below zero and the wind chill factor can make the winters even colder.

The truth is though, even in the dead of winter, the temperatures can get as high as the mid-60s during the day. While other places in Montana stay cold the entire winter, Billings has a much more temperate climate.

However, summers in Billings are absolutely gorgeous. Highs can reach all the way up to the 90s at times and the summer evenings are as cool and beautiful as anywhere in the West. A semi-arid desert, there isn't an over abundance of rain and while snow is not uncommon, Billings doesn't get as much as its neighbors Bozeman and Missoula.

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