Bethany, OK

Just west of the rapidly growing state capitol, Bethany, Oklahoma occupies a quiet, green corner of the Oklahoma City metro. Home to sprawling Eldon Lyon Park and tight-knit Southern Nazarene University, Bethany is a small city full of hidden gems – whether you’re a college student, family, or a tourist cruising down Route 66.

Finding Apartments for Rent in Bethany, OK

If you’re on the hunt for apartments in Bethany, you’re in luck – because it’s home to a couple colleges, Bethany has plenty of options for people who want to rent. It’s also a relatively small city, though, so you won’t face the cutthroat competition that is apartment hunting in larger cities.

Top Neighborhoods in Bethany, OK

Bethany has a unique mix of more established, 1960s-era homes and newer buildings – as well as a mix of properties that feel distinctly urban or suburban. And because of the city’s small size – it’s just over five square miles in total – the different neighborhoods in Bethany tend to be identified by landmarks rather than by distinct additions. As far as school districts go, Bethany is largely part of the desirable Putnam City School District.

Proximity to Lake Overholser typically means a house will be in an older, more established neighborhood with lots of families and older couples. (There are, however, several brand-new additions lining the lake, and these are more extravagant homes in gated neighborhoods.) This area is quiet and safe, and it’s convenient to major highways and streets.

Closer to the city center, Brownsville is an established neighborhood full of unique, grand homes of all styles. This is the best neighborhood around Christmas, because the residents put a lot of work into their light displays!

Around Southern Nazarene University, you’ll find some apartment buildings and rentals. Typically, the buildings in this area will be a few decades old and home to young families.

Another rule of thumb pertaining to rentals in Bethany: you’re more likely to find something safe and scenic in a mostly residential area, removed from the major streets.

Shopping in Bethany, OK

Historic Route 66 actually functions as Bethany’s main street. This means there are a few Oklahoma-centric places to shop in Bethany, but your best finds will come from the many antique shops just off of Route 66 (referred to as 39th St. by locals). Along 39th, you’ll find several surprisingly large and well-stocked antique shops in the historic downtown buildings. And if you venture slightly north, you’ll be rewarded with hard-to-find antiques and upcycled home decor at the Rink Gallery. Plan to spend at least a few hours on shopping – you’ll need plenty of time to soak it all in!

Dining in Bethany, OK

Thanks to having two universities in town, Bethany has some seriously good food at prices even college students can afford. Try the restaurants on College St. directly across from the university – these days, you can find authentic Thai and Peruvian, and – of course – an All-American pizza joint nestled among the antique stores.

Along 23rd and 10th Streets, Bethany has a wide variety of ethnic cuisines. Skip the usual fast food joints, and you’ll find an excellent Ethiopian restaurant; some of the best authentic street tacos in the metro; Vietnamese; one of the most-loved German restaurants in OKC; and a whole slew of authentic Mexican options.

If you’ve never been to Oklahoma and are in need of a snack, local chains City Bites and Braum’s Dairy are scattered throughout the metro – and each is worth a visit. No matter where you find an apartment, you’re almost guaranteed to be very close to great dining options.

Weather in Bethany, OK

Like most cities in Oklahoma, Bethany experiences very cold, icy winters and hot, dry summers – and sometimes the seasons get a bit confused. It’s not unusual to have a 60-degree day in December, and nobody is too surprised by a sudden cold front in August. In general, you can expect to have four very distinct seasons.

Just like every other city in Oklahoma, Bethany has seen its fair share of severe weather during storm season (roughly, late March through early August). The city experienced one of the 10 deadliest tornadoes in the state in 1930, but since then, it’s been more likely to sit on the fringe of the most violent storm systems.

Because Bethany is bordered on the west by Lake Overholser, the city might have slightly different temperatures and humidity levels than the rest of the OKC metro.

Even though Bethany is a fairly quiet city, you’ll always have something to do – and you’ll never be far from the bustle of Oklahoma City.

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