Beaverton, OR

Finding Apartments for Rent in Beaverton, OR

As one of the most important suburbs of Portland, Beaverton apartments are sure to appeal to both those who want cultured amenities and to those who want quieter options as well. Unlike nearby Portland, finding an apartment for rent in Beaverton is a fairly easy thing to do. Beaverton is a good sized city in its own right, with plenty of apartment complexes and privately owned apartments to be found. It also offers easy access to Portland and all the most popular city in Oregon has to offer. You can find an apartment that fits all of your criteria and one that is most likely within your budget as well.

Top Neighborhoods in Beaverton, OR

Although Beaverton is just to the west of Portland, there are still some areas of the city that are easier to get to than others. For those working in Portland, the best neighborhoods are Cedar Hills, Five Oaks and Vose. These neighborhoods have easy access to Highway 26, important when you are dealing with the notorious traffic in the area. If you want to get a little more away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the neighborhoods of Aloha and Sexton Mountain.

On the east side of Beaverton you can also find higher-end options surrounding the beautiful Portland Golf Course. The Redtail Golf Course is also located here. For those interested in the incredible courses created by Pacific Northwest rainfall, this is an area that is definitely worth considering.

Shopping in Beaverton, OR

One of the most popular shopping destinations in Beaverton is the Washington Square Mall. This mall has just about everything you could want in a mall, including five major department stores, Bath & Body Works, bebe and of course, an Auntie Anne's Pretzels. This mall is a big draw for those living in Beaverton because it offers a wide range of shopping and dining options within a short drive from anywhere in the city.

The other major shopping destination in Beaverton is Beaverton Town Square. This is a huge outdoor shopping center right in the middle of the city – allowing you to shop while enjoying the beautiful summer weather and the cool spring and fall. You can find great restaurants, a Trader Joe's and even a Woodworking shop here.

Dining in Beaverton, OR

The city of Portland has become a major dining destination known across the country and even globally. Unsurprisingly, this focus on quality food and creativity has spilled over into Beaverton as well. You can find wonderful dining options, from standards you expect in any city to great ethnic options and home style favorites.

An Oregon favorite, Pastini Pastaworks can be found in the Cedar Hills neighborhood. This local restaurant chain offers up handmade pasta in a variety of different Italian dishes that are sure to please your pasta craving. Nearby you can also find many American restaurant standards like Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Chipotle.

There are also a number of delicious ethnic options, such as the fantastic Vietnamese fare at Pho Wah. This place, located in an unassuming strip mall with a tiny parking lot, makes some of the best Vietnamese food in the area. The standard Pho is of course delicious, as are the appetizers like the Pork Patties and the Salad Rolls. They also accommodate vegetarians with a number of meat-free dishes.

And if you are just in the mood for a basic, delicious steak, try out the Broadway Saloon. An old drinking establishment with an excellent sirloin, you will not be disappointed with your drink and most certainly not with your steak.

Transportation Options in Beaverton, OR

Being a suburb, you would not expect the transportation option in Beaverton to extend much beyond highways and automobiles. However, because of its close proximity to Portland, Beaverton residents enjoy access to the MAX commuter train. Traveling through Beaverton west into Hillsboro and all the way east through Portland and to the Portland International Airport, this train can get you to many places you need to go.

Plenty of Beaverton residents choose to use the MAX to commute into Portland each day for work and back out again in the evening. You can also take it into the city for shopping and entertainment options. The fares are reasonable as well, especially when you consider how difficult it can be to travel by car during rush hour in and out of Portland.

Beaverton is bordered to the north by Highway 26, which flows west to east through the city of Portland. To the east of Beaverton is Highway 217, which travels south from Highway 26 and allows drivers to connect with I-5 when traveling south through Oregon and on down to California.

Weather in Beaverton, OR

The Pacific Northwest is known for its substantial rainfall, and Beaverton is no exception. Finding an apartment in Beaverton means you will be living in a lush, green paradise much of the year. Of course this comes as a result of regular rainfall through the fall, winter and spring. Summer does dry up for a few months but it is always short lived. Many Beaverton residents try to get the most out of the summer months by doing as many outdoor activities as they can and getting tans in the process.

In reality, the temperatures are typically mild enough throughout the year to get outdoors and enjoy yourself, as long as you bring some rain gear.

12 Neighborhoods in Beaverton, OR

  • Central Beaverton

    Located just seven miles west of downtown Portland, Oregon lies the gorgeous neighborhood of Central Beaverton, far enough away from the city to be family-friendly but close enough that the commute remains manageable. Central Beaverton offers more to its residents than its proximity to Portland. With a park every half mile from any given Beaverton home, this neighborhood has become a prime location for people eager to enjoy the scenery and live in a more secluded part of the Portland area.

  • Cooper Mountain-Aloha North

    The census-designated, unincorporated community of Aloha organically developed with the growth of inhabitants near Cooper Mountain. Located next to Beaverton and about 10 miles west of downtown Portland, Cooper Mountain-Aloha represents the epitome of an affordable yet desirable housing market in the Portland metro area.

  • Cooper Mountain-Aloha South

    Residents that live in Cooper Mountain-Aloha South love their rental condos and single-family homes, because of the close proximity to Cooper Mountain. The park has hiking, picnic tables, nature courses at the Cooper Mountain Nature House, as well as natural beauty that draws in locals of all types to this unique part of Oregon.

  • Five Oaks

    The Five Oaks neighborhood in Beaverton has a bit of everything, including expansive parks, shopping, grocery stores and residential areas. Curving cul-de-sacs provide insulation and peace while having the advantage of being located close to a major highway. The abundance of green spaces gives the neighborhood a natural, park-like feel. Five Oaks can be found east of Portland on Highway 26 and northwest of downtown Beaverton. The area appeals to young families with children and employees of Nike and Intel, both of which are located nearby. This culturally diverse neighborhood enhances the cuisine and community of Five Oaks.

  • Greenway

    Most notably characterized by its beautiful and expansive namesake Greenway Park, the neighborhood of Greenway in Beaverton, Oregon, also yields an attractive selection of unique restaurants and artistic shops.

  • Neighbors Southwest

    Neighbors Southwest stands as a beautifully developed residential and commercial neighborhood west of Tigard, in the southern area of Beaverton. Along with attractive residential areas, the neighborhood features a park system, exciting restaurants and bars, and a movie theater.

  • Raleigh West

    Beaverton's Raleigh West neighborhood sits two miles east, or a 10-minute bike ride, from the city center. Commercial and manufacturing operations take up the majority of space in this mixed-use district, and residential zones occupy the northwest corner and run along the eastern edge. Large lots, tall trees, and lush landscaping lend a calm, spacious atmosphere to subdivisions where houses and apartments share the streets.

  • Sexton Mountain

    The Sexton Mountain neighborhood lies just a few miles southwest of downtown Beaverton and 12 miles southwest of Portland. Most of its houses for rent feature spacious lots, face quiet streets replete with greenery, and have wonderful views of the surrounding countryside.

  • South Beaverton

    Starting just north of the popular Hyland Forest Park and following SW Murray Boulevard south to Scholls Ferry Road, South Beaverton is a large neighborhood about two miles south of Downtown Beaverton. This beautiful area features tall trees and winding roads lined with a mixture of older, ranch-style houses and newer modern homes. A large shopping area is located along the southwest edge of the neighborhood, near the intersection of Murray Boulevard and Scholls Ferry Road. Just east of South Beaverton, Washington Square and Cascade Plaza provide more shopping opportunities. Washington Square is an indoor mall anchored by Macy's, JC Penney, and Sears. Cascade Plaza contains Nordstrom Rack, Baby Depot, and Best Buy.

  • Triple Creek

    In the northwest corner of Beaverton, one of Portland's most popular suburbs, residents of Triple Creek reap the many benefits of their attractive neighborhood. Housing spreads throughout the middle of the neighborhood, located throughout natural green spaces and cheerful babbling brooks. In a pleasing complement, the main streets that form the neighborhood's borders are filled with unique shopping options, department stores, restaurants and bars. Conveniently, U.S. Highway 26 forms Triple Creek's northern border and provides direct access to the bursting city life of nearby Portland.

  • Vose

    Beaverton's intimate neighborhood Vose holds many valuable treasures within its borders, and provides them all at an incredibly low price.

  • West Beaverton

    Beaverton, which became known as part of the Silicon Forest after many technology-based companies moved into the area in recent decades, thrives with industry and life, and West Beaverton shares many of the same qualities. The city lies about 10 to 15 miles west of Portland, so a trip into Portland’s downtown does not take much time.