Beach Haven – Jacksonville, FL

Beach Haven is located in the southeast portion of Jacksonville. Highway 212/90, also known as Beach Boulevard, is a very accessible roadway for getting from place to place in Jacksonville. Conveniently making up the northern border of Beach Haven, Highway 212/90 is a valuable asset to the community's residents because of its direct path to both the Atlantic coast to the east as well as its path towards the heart of the city of Jacksonville to the west. Also to the east is the Intracoastal Waterway, where a lot of fishing and boating is done in the warm Florida weather while buffered from the elements of the open ocean. Since nothing can compare to nature, the beach is by far the greatest attraction to Beach Haven residents. To get to the beach from Beach Haven, you would head east on Highway 212/90. After crossing the Intracoastal Waterway, Highway 90 drops you right in Jacksonville Beach. At that point, nearly any road leads you to the ocean and, subsequently, to the bright, sandy beach. Because of the level layout of the city and the straight, well-manicured highways, travel to and from Beach Haven in any direction is smooth sailing. With a beach-centered focus and residents that are mostly transplants from other cities, the cultural atmosphere is dynamic but relaxing.

Schools in Beach Haven

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Restaurants & Nightlife

One thing that is certain about the community of Beach Haven is that they know and love good food. If you took the Highway 212/90 east-bound route toward the beach, you would pass a number of local restaurants that give Beach Haven it's character. Restaurants of all sorts dot the map, and you don’t have to look long before you find something perfect to your taste. You don't know a fantastic burger until you've tried Colonel Mustard’s Phat Burger, located just east of Beach Haven toward the coastline. As a locally owned and family-run business, it prides itself in creating new combinations, additions and condiments to tasty burgers that are cooked to order. Since you have probably never had an egg or chili topping your burger and served on a Kaiser roll, you might as well order the Cajun-seasoned fries along with one of these locally renowned burgers and dig in. With great prices and an option for delivery, Colonel Mustard’s is an easy favorite. For the combined entertainment of bowling, a game room, a bar and a comedy stage, try Latitude 360, located toward the southwest-side of Beach Haven on Phillips Highway. Wood-grilled entrées come with heaping portions of entertainment and activity for a great night out. Those with a preference for fresh seafood in Beach Haven only have to head to Salt Life Food Shack. The surf-themed restaurant seats couples as well as large groups, and though guests expect to pay higher prices of seafood, Salt Life charges reasonable prices for its quality service. Popular dishes include seared mahi and Southern fried shrimp.

History & Culture

Beaches Museum and History Park host annual events to celebrate the rich history of the Beach Haven area of Jacksonville, Florida. Museum visitors are treated with the opportunity to learn how the Beach Haven area has changed over the last 110 years. Most of the beach-centered life began in the 1880s with William and Eleanor Scull, who surveyed for a railroad that would bring an influx of people to the area. Since then, a growth of festivities, beach sports and the arts have grown and become an important part of Beach Haven culture. There is always an opportunity to learn about the rich history of the area from one of the museums a short drive from Beach Haven. Besides Beaches Museum and History Park, Mandarin Museum and Historical Society offers Florida residents historical insights depicting civil war events and heroes who shaped the history of Beach Haven.


The life of Beach Haven rests in its lifestyle of enjoying life as it comes and experiencing new things as it grows. If you’re new to Beach Haven and you’d like to get a broader taste of Florida outside the main city, it would be best to take a personal vehicle. No matter where you go in Beach Haven, public parking is readily available and almost always free. Because of its distance from the heart of the city, Beach Haven’s bus systems are not nearly as accessible to the public as in many large cities, so it would be best not to depend on buses to get from place to place. Instead, Beach Haven has the option of using Lyft or Uber for rides to outer lying regions of Jacksonville. Having a vehicle is by far the best way to travel around the Beach Haven area. While there are many stores and restaurants within walking distance, to get a feel for the beach culture and traditions, you would want the option of going farther than walking or biking could take you. Though pedestrian friendly, Beach Haven is a small community within one of the most expansive cities in the United States.


Because of its close location to the beach and the demand for summer getaways, there are many options for renting; however, with the demand for Beach Haven’s location, it is no surprise that prices for rent are higher than the national average. Prices for rent run around $900 per month per one-bedroom house or apartment. Options are vast, though, since the Beach Haven area is a popular place to visit. Whether it is a short-term vacation rental or a visit that lasts a lifetime, renting or buying is a popular choice. Though the cost of living is higher than the national average, the beautiful location and nearby amenities make it well worth the investment. Someone looking to grab a beer on tap at a local pub can expect to pay just under $4, and the starting price to get a cab is roughly $2.25. A trip from Beach Haven to the coast costs approximately $16.


Whether shopping outings are for groceries or unique gifts from boutiques, Beach Haven possesses everything for modern convenience within reach. Native Sun Natural Foods stands out among other grocery stores because of its dedication to natural food sources. It is a popular choice among the fitness-oriented individuals who make up Beach Haven. The closest thing to an all-season farmers market in the area is Freshfields Farm over in Greenfield Manor, a grocery store filled with fresh produce and tastefully decorated to look like a large barn. It is an excellent choice for shoppers who tire of the typical shopping routine. Freshfields Farm renews your shopping experience by making it feel like you are actually on a farm as you harvest your produce. For those looking to browse a variety of stores within a single visit, St. John's Town Center, the local mall, is less than a 15-minute drive from Beach Haven. St. John's Town Center makes up Beach Haven's nearest and largest hub of commerce. Specialty stores range from art galleries to surf shops such as Sunrise Surf Shop in Jacksonville Beach, where all your beach-living needs are met. Sunrise Surf Shop is a specialty shop that provides all the necessities for both a day on the beach or a lifetime of surfing. Amenities provided by Sunrise Surf Shop include surfing lessons surf board rentals. Customers wishing to satisfy their artistic tastes can go to Steve Mills Art, which has a gallery of photorealist oil paintings available for admiration and purchase.


Beach Haven has a private boardwalk for residents to reach the coquina sand beach. It's a fun area for families to spend time in the outdoors, exercise or play with their dogs. Free to Beach Haven residents, the secluded area is great for long walks or for playing Frisbee on the sand. Other private amenities included within Beach Haven specifically for residents are a pool, pavilions, a lake and walking trails. Leisurely days soaking up sun at the beach or at the community pool are only a fraction of the available activities in Beach Haven. Crossfit904 provides an excellent example with its exercise trainers offering group and private coaching. Beach Haven residents have the opportunity to make fitness a priority for themselves and their family members. Crossfit904 welcomes parents to bring their kids, since they offer a place for children to play while their parents work out. The people of Beach Haven have a love of the outdoors that encourages community events. One event of note is the Jacksonville Light Parade, held in November of each year. Boats float down St. John's River sporting bright lights to create a beautiful scene. Fireworks are incorporated into the parade of boats, and many community members participate and watch from the shore.
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