Bath Beach – Brooklyn, NY

The Bath Beach neighborhood located in the Southwest Brooklyn borough of New York City lies along Gravesend Bay, which empties out into Lower Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. At the very southern tip of Brooklyn, the neighborhood stretches a mere 24 blocks with great views of the water. The neighborhood consists primarily of working-class families and provides a rich diversity of cultures. The neighborhood enjoys a great view of Coney Island across the bay, making it close to the main attractions of the park for incoming families moving to the area. The neighborhood attracts many new residents due to the reasonable rent and spacious apartments. The area touts good schools, so families find the neighborhood ideal. With its easy access to other parts of New York City, people who work in Manhattan love the convenience of being able to hop on the D-train for a quick ride right into the downtown area of the city.

Schools in Bath Beach

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Food and wine critics rave about Tommaso Ristorante on the north side of the Bath Beach neighborhood. Known for the large selection of imported and specialty wines, and perfectly prepared authentic Italian fare, the restaurant attracts visitors of New York City to the Bath Beach neighborhood. Tommaso features a brunch and lunch menu with items such as classic Reuben sandwiches and turkey clubs to homemade chicken soup and meatball heroes. The dinner menu features 3-course meal selections such as Chicken Marsala, or Francese and braised lamb shank. Every course option on the menu typically comes in at $28 or less. For those in the mood for a little Peruvian flare, La Granja Peruvian Restaurant provides the perfect option for lunch or dinner. Located in the heart of the Bath beach neighborhood and only a few blocks from the beach, the restaurant serves both lunch and dinner. Most of the local residents come to La Granja for the rotisserie chicken priced at just $10 for an entire chicken. Other authentic traditional Peruvian dishes include fresh fish with octopus, and shrimp with sauteed onions, fresh tomatoes and fried plantains for an easy-on-the-budget $15. Living Room Steak House located on the south end of the Bath Beach has it all. Thursday through Sunday this place turns into a nightclub with an in-house DJ and great live music. Locals and visitors frequent the hip night spot to enjoy the popular entertainment until 4 a.m. The restaurant also provides bottle service for parties and large groups, making it a perfect night spot destination in Bath Beach. Grabbing a bite to eat before heading to the dance floor couldn't be easier with the restaurant serving food late. The Living Room serves daily specials, such as smoked salmon and grilled lamb, prepared well and priced affordable at under $30 per plate. High-end specialty craft beers, and a large and varied menu selection, attracts people from all over who enjoy both the elegant dining experience as well as a fun night out.

History & Culture

Plenty of museums dot the surrounding Bath Beach neighborhoods, and the closest to the center of Bath Beach finds itself only a short 5-minute drive north by way of the Belt Parkway. The Harbor Defense Museum at Fort Hamilton houses an extraordinary collection of army weapons and artillery, as well as canons and an art gallery. The museum, which opens only during the week, provides free admission every day for children and adults. Many theaters and performance art centers nestle within the streets of Bath Beach, including the Nicholas Chistiakov art museum and gallery. It features the eccentric artist's photography and abstract paintings as well as several exhibitions of his work. The gallery stays open to the public, and admission does not cost anything.


Bath Beach proves to be a very convenient location for residents and visitors alike. The D-train runs straight through the center of the neighborhood, running north and south up through the Bronx. Other trains and metro stations dot the D-train line and provide easy access to Manhattan. A ride on the train costs $2.50. Limo and car service companies can be found in Bath Beach and in surrounding neighborhoods, but taxicab services cost much less. A cab can easily be hailed from inside Bath Beach with fares starting at $3.50 to go one block. Rides from the center of the neighborhood to the airport start at $50.00 one way. Public parking can be found along the streets in Bath Beach quite easily. Fares to park on the street start at $1 per hour paid to a parking meter. Many people choose to take the train if traveling outside the neighborhood, or walk and bike if traveling in and around the area. Biking can be safe even though few designated bike lanes mark the streets. Enough bikers ride through the neighborhood for residents who are driving to be aware of them. The neighborhood provides a safe environment for walking too. Access to major highways, such as the Belt Parkway and the Shore Parkway, run to the west of the neighborhood along the water. These roadways take people out of the city or into one of the other five boroughs very easily. Access to routes 17 and 287 also comes easy and takes you out of New York and into New Jersey quickly.


What used to be a bay-front resort community, the Bath Beach neighborhood features mostly residential properties. The neighborhood consists mainly of one- and two-family homes, with a few homes scattered throughout to accommodate families of three or four. The neighborhood attracts many new residents because of the affordable rent and spacious apartments. A typical one-bedroom apartment in Bath Beach averages $1,337 per month. Plenty of local bars and restaurants make grabbing a beer for a reasonable price a cinch. The average beer at a local pub or bar can cost between $4 to $7, depending on the location and the type of beer. Although, specialty craft or imported brews can cost a little higher, starting at $8 or $9 for a pint. Some bars have domestic beer specials starting at $3 a can. The D-train provides the most convenient method of transportation in and out of Bath Beach with a ticket cost of $2.50. A one-block cab ride starts at $3.50, and a ride to the airport starts at $50.00. Gas prices in Bath Beach average $3 per gallon, and hover just above the New York State average at about 10 percent higher. Gas prices in Bath Beach run about 5 percent higher than the national average.


Located on the east side of Bath Beach, Effie's Boutique provides high-end formal wear for women and girls. The store's chic atmosphere and friendly customer service make for a great shopping experience with friends. Shoppers can find tasteful Swarovski crystal jewelry, elegant evening gowns and mini dresses, and quirky and fun summer and spring dresses. The shop provides high-end clothing and accessories at boutique prices. Expect to be "wowed" by the large selection of designer digs from Sharagano. This upscale women's boutique is known for its unique clothing, accessory and shoe offerings. The go-to place in Bath Beach for well-fitting designer jeans, Sharagano also shines for its career separates and glamorous, black-tie-event dresses. Many smaller family-owned and -operated grocery and deli stores cater to different crowds and make it convenient for residents to take a quick trip to the corner for whatever they may need. The main grocery stores can be found on the outskirts of the center of Bath Beach. These include Universal Supermarket on Bath Avenue at the southern tip of the neighborhood. Since no traditional farmers' markets service Bath Beach, the many small delis and groceries provide everything residents and visitors need.


Bensonhurst Park ranks as the most popular park in Bath Beach, located at the south end of the neighborhood. The park has plenty of places to play sports, with basketball and tennis courts as well as handball courts. The park even houses a baseball field. Public bathrooms make it convenient for families to stay all day with the children. The clean and safe playground features updated children's equipment, making it the top kid-friendly park in the neighborhood. Admittance costs nothing, and visitors can enjoy spray showers for cleaning off after a hot summer day. Bath Beach Park, located less than a half mile north of Bensonhurst Park, provides hours of fun for children and families. This park also features updated and clean playground equipment for young children, as well as spray showers and bathrooms. Here visitors and residents enjoy well-maintained tennis and basketball courts as well as handball courts. The parks mainly remain open until dark to the public free of charge, and dogs on leashes are welcome as long as the owners clean up after them.
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