Where to Get the Most Out of Your Rent in Central Florida

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You want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to rent, but you still want to be close to all of the great amenities that Central Florida has to offer. Whether you’re looking for local restaurants, shopping, or waterfront views, you don’t want your rent to break the bank. So let’s look at a few options for affordable rent:


Orlando—the city that holds Walt Disney World and Universal Studios—who could forget? Though Orlando is known to have relatively pricey rent, there are actually neighborhoods that are affordable, safe, and just as bustling as downtown.


Conway is just a few miles southeast of downtown Orlando. You get all of the great eats, shopping experiences, and the hustle and bustle of downtown Orlando while being able to actually afford your rent. It’s a quaint suburb, but the community is rising with a bustle of its own. Compared to neighboring communities, the rent is completely do-able. It’s far enough from downtown to feel safe and secure, yet close enough for convenience and a great night out on the town. Public transportation: check. Local and boutique shopping: check. Variety of cuisines to try: check. Conway isn’t downtown Orlando, but its close enough and affordable enough to be your new home with great residential neighborhoods and lakeside views, so be sure to check it out.


Clermont is a beautiful city around 20 miles west of Orlando. It’s known as the “gem of the hills” because of its awesome landscape. With views like these, you’ll want to discover what kind of rent you’re working with in Clermont neighborhoods.

Four Corners

Who wants affordable living in a tourist town? Everyone, we’d assume. Four Corners houses luxurious resorts and spas with a touristy-feel, while having great apartments that won’t bankrupt you. Four Corners is close to Walt Disney World and not too far from downtown Orlando, so you really get the best of both worlds. In Four Corners, you’re living in a resort-like suburb with affordable prices, yet  close enough to famous theme parks and a bustling downtown. Compared to other parts of Central Florida, Four Corners has a relatively low cost of living with lake views, wooded and hilly landscapes, and incredible eateries around town. You’ll want to see what this neighborhood has to offer.


Downtown Kissimmee is a must-visit in Central Florida, so why not make it your home? It’s a lively, historic city filled with local eats, public transportation, unique shopping, and waterfront luxuries. But what if you can’t find your perfect rental, or it’s just too expensive for your budget. Here’s where North Kissimmee comes in mind.

North Kissimmee

North Kissimmee is just a few miles from all of your favorite downtown Kissimmee attractions, but there are rental opportunities galore. There are definitely still some pricey apartment complexes in this neighborhood, but there are also affordable gems to be found. The amenities that come with living in North Kissimmee are mind-blowing and everything you’d want and need in Central Florida. Themed dining experiences and carnival rides are awaiting you… yes, carnival rides. Mini golf courses, gator feedings, and mouth-watering local restaurants reside here. All of this could be yours, so take a look at North Kissimmee and maybe you’ll find your dream rental at your dream price.

Photo by Matt Alaniz on Unsplash

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