Use These 5 Mirror Tips to Transform Your Rental Apartment

We all know that mirrors help exaggerate and create the illusion of more space in a room. Nowhere does this have more of a dramatic effect than in an apartment. Because tenants aren’t able to make structural changes to increase space, mirrors make the perfect solution to a number of design issues.

The right mirror can bring a clean and modern style to your home – rental or not. We’ve got five great tips for using mirrors to successfully transform your apartment!

1. Go big or go home

There’s no question you need a full-length mirror somewhere in the apartment. An oversized mirror with a rich frame reads visually as a doorway, and the reflection keeps that illusion alive.

2. Create a foyer

A well-chosen mirror can really pull together a space and set the tone for the rest of the home. A slim and simple console table with a statement mirror hung above near the front door can help create the look of a foyer. This will also create more storage within the apartment, and gives you and your guests a natural spot to drop keys and bags when entering the home.

3. Make the most of the mantel

When working with small spaces, you really want to avoid clutter as it can make the room feel smaller. Fireplace mantels tend to collect knick-knacks, which can make the area look disorganized. Keep the décor on the mantel simple with just a large mirror over the fireplace. If possible, arrange it so that one of your favorite pieces of art is opposite from the mantel. That way, the mirror is on double duty by reflecting the art.

4. Design a gallery of mirrors

A series of smaller mirrors grouped together can create a show-stopping piece of art that adds space and light to the room. Find mirrors with similar frames – either simple or ornate –and group them together on one wall. The gallery of mirrors looks best behind a sofa, on a stairwell or in a bathroom. It creates a beautiful art piece and requires very little effort and expense.

5. Add another window (no, not physically)

I’ve saved my favorite for last. Having seen mirrors solve so many design issues in so many homes, I’ve really come to see them more as windows – that’s where they do the best work. Locate the windows in your apartment with the best views, and double your access to those natural vistas by simply hanging a framed mirror directly across from them. Get even more mileage with a mirror framed in a windowpane-style. You’ll not only double your access to a great view, but you’ll love the look and feel of more windows inside the apartment.

What are your favorite tricks for using mirrors in small spaces? Let us know in the comment section!

Kerrie Kelley, an interior designer, writes on room decorating tips for renters for The Home Depot. Kelley's mirror advice is designed to creatively enhance your apartment at a reasonable cost. View Home Depot’s selection of mirrors on the company’s website.

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