Tips for Transitioning Your Child into a New School

changing schools

Moving is stressful… there’s no denying it. Whether it’s for a new job, being closer to family, or just for a change of pace, moving from one rental to another is a lot of work. is the best way to find the perfect rental for you and your family in whatever state, city, and neighborhood you’re looking for. So now you’ve found your new apartment, condo, or house rental… but what’s next? Well, if you have a child of school age, it’s time to find them a new school. This can be a difficult situation for you as a parent, but it’s also a scary time for your kid. They’re moving from a familiar place to a new home, a new school, and a new town, faced with having to make new friends. So, what can you do to make this transition as smooth as possible?

Do your research

Make sure that the school you’ve chosen for your child, or the one you’re zoned into at your new home, is right for your child. Whether they’re gifted, need a little extra attention, or have a disability of any kind, you need to be sure this school is the best fit possible.

Visit the school

Regardless if your child is 6 or 17, visit the new school. Being somewhat familiar with the building and its layout, including the classrooms, cafeteria, lockers, and/or playground (if your child is of a younger age), will help them adjust. If possible, have them meet the principal or a few teachers to familiarize your kid with the school personnel.

Get your child involved with peers

Whether in the community of your apartment complex or in your new neighborhood, befriend parents with children of similar ages. It’ll help your child to feel more comfortable having a friendly face or two around the building when the first day of school comes.

Keep them up-to-date with beginning-of-the-year assignments

Maybe they have a summer reading list or a project to bring in the first week of class. Whatever it is, make sure your child is aware and prepared to take on and complete the task before his/her first day.

Become involved in the PTA

Not every parent has the time to be a part of the PTA, but if you have that luxury, get yourself involved and acquainted with the PTA and fellow parents. If you’re involved, it’s likely your child will feel more comfortable getting involved in school activities and groups themselves.

Check out after-school activities, clubs, and sports

If your child is interested in a certain club or sport, see what their new school has to offer. Don’t let them miss sign-up dates, first meetings, deadlines, or try-outs for something that will get them more involved with their school, peers, and community.

Moving is difficult on both you and your kid(s). Do what you can to make sure the move, and the changing of schools, is a smooth transition for both you and your child. Hopefully, these tips will help you do so. If you’re still in search of a new apartment, condo, or house for rent, check out to find your ideal new home so you can get starting finding your kid(s) the perfect new school!

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