Storage Solutions for Every Room in Your Apartment

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There is a universal truth about apartment living: you can never have too much storage space. When your dwelling is on the teeny-tiny end of the size spectrum, it is crucial to utilize every nook and inch your apartment can offer. And often, squeezing the most out of your space requires a bit of ingenuity and creativity.

Before you start working those brain cells too hard though, the team at My First Apartment is here to share a few tricks of the trade we’ve learned over our many years as apartment residents. Read on, fellow apartment inhabitants, for storage solution ideas for every room in your apartment.

The key to utilizing your square footage efficiently can actually be reduced to a simple phrase: think up, inside, and underneath! Here’s how to put it to use in each room:

Bedroom // In your bedroom, some of the locations are pretty obvious, such as the space under your bed, at the top or bottom of your closet, or on the back of the closet door. But, there are a few unexpected places where you can hide away some stuff. For example, suitcases are a great place to put away clothes for the winter and old-school cedar chests (you can usually find them on the cheap at a local thrift store) are great for storing extra bedding.

Living Room // When it comes to the living room, it’s important to invest in furniture pieces where you can also put extra stuff, such as storage ottomans and travel trunk coffee tables. But don’t just consider your floor space—think vertical, too. When you’ve exhausted all your floor space, use the space above you and employ shelves, hooks, cubbies, hanging boards, etc. Make use of that untouched real estate on your walls up to the ceiling!

Kitchen // A majorly underutilized storage spot in your kitchen is the back of your cabinet doors; a place that’s great to hang the lids to your pots and pans, paper towel dispensers, and all those boxes full of lunch bags and aluminum foil. And, you can divide your kitchen cabinets vertically to make it easier to store cookie sheets and cutting boards. Pro tip: Invest in Mason jars in assorted sizes. They’re cheap and they’re perfect for storing dry goods like sugar and flour and coffee beans without taking up tons of space on your countertops or in your cabinets.