Small-Scale Ikea Furniture Hack for Your Apartment


Whether you're a long-time, tried and true IKEA fanatic or have yet to be swept away by the stylish and affordable finds of this Swedish home furnishings company, you've probably at least seen some of their popular furniture pieces when visiting peoples' apartments or the images floating around on Pinterest. Their pieces are trendy, functional and typically oh-so-recognizable, unless of course one chooses to transform them, which can be done in any number of ways. These furniture transformations are commonly called "IKEA hacks" and don't have to be dramatic.  They can simply amp up the style factor of a particular piece you want to use in your home.

Today, I'm sharing one of the simplest updates anyone can make to one of IKEA's most popular storage series - the KALLAX. The pieces in the KALLAX series are storage "cubby" units ranging from four units to 25. I hacked my small two-by-two cube unit (which measures 30 3/8” W x 30 3/8” H x 15 3/8” D and costs less than $50) by simply adding a bit of hardware to give it that "campaign style" look.

Here is what I did!


1 package of 3 1/2" corner braces
Rose Gold spray paint
Electric drill


This KALLAX unit has already made its rounds through each room in our home (it really is one of the most functional AND versatile pieces for any size space).  It was already put together, so all it needed was a basic makeover.

I purchased these corner braces and took them home to paint. They come in silver and brass, but I thought rose gold would be a pretty update! Totally on-trend!

After opening the package, I laid out all the pieces and sprayed them with a generous coat of spray paint. After an hour or so, I went back outside to give the braces and screws another coat of paint. I let them dry for about 24 hours to ensure they'd be completely dry and easy to work with. There is nothing worse than putting your finger smack dab in the middle of a sticky project and leaving a print or smudge! It's always best to wait until you're confident it's completely dry.

Next, I gathered up the hardware and was ready to attach them to the KALLAX. I started with one corner brace, centered it in the corner of my storage cube, and drilled the first screw into one of the four screw holes, working my way around the brace until all four screws were securely in place.