Small Bathroom Design with a Big Impact


Whether you are moving into a new apartment or you have been there for a while, sometimes you might see a small bathroom and realize that it needs a fresh look.  Once you decide to give your small bathroom a face-lift, the next decision you need to make is what size of investment you are comfortable with.  Consider both the time and monetary requirements of a small bathroom makeover before you get started.   For those who are renting an apartment, you will need to brainstorm what temporary improvements can be made to spice things up but won’t require permanent structural changes.  There are always some easy cosmetic options for an easy bathroom makeover, and here are a few options to get you started:

1. Use Peel & Stick Wallpaper or Tile

If you don’t have the option to paint or you only want to add a pop of design to a small portion of your bathroom, consider a trending option for wall design with peel and stick removable wallpaper or tile.  Using peel and stick wallpaper has made it easy to create an instant bathroom makeover.  Walls Need Love has a great selection of beautifully designed removable wallpaper options. You won’t have to worry about the mess and cleanup of painting and you get a whole new look with minimal effort.  Removable wallpaper is less work than applying traditional wallpaper, and when you are ready for a change, you can easily remove it without all the elbow grease associated with the traditional wallpaper.

If using wallpaper doesn’t work for your style, try adding peel and stick tile sheets as a backsplash, or cover an entire wall to create an accent wall.  By using peel & stick tile, you can leverage the upscale look of tile, without the hassle of leveling, grouting, and drying time of traditional tile work.  What makes this trend great, is that it requires a lot less effort to create a big impact using these removable wallpaper and tile options.  It’s also beneficial when you want to personalize your small bathroom but don’t want to or have the option of making something permanent.

2. Install Tall Curtain Panels in the Bathroom

One of the ways you can immediately make a dramatic statement in your bathroom is to incorporate curtain panels on the outside of your bath or shower.  This look works well with the shower and bath combo units and it flanks the side of your shower curtain.  All you need to do, is hang your shower curtain rod as normal.  Measure the new curtain panels to the height you want them draping down, and add a spring tension rod at that height.  The second spring tension rod for your curtain panels should be higher than your shower curtain rod.  You can add hooks on the side walls to drape the curtain panels behind, or run the curtain panels floor to ceiling height for a dramatic look.  Using curtain panels in a bathroom can provide an unexpected touch of cozy elegance to your bathroom.

3. New Accents: Rugs, Towels, Tissue Box, Candles

Of course, the easiest way to give a small bathroom a big impact is to simply switch out any items that don’t match.  While you don’t have to have every single element in your small bathroom matching (we’re looking at you with the “All Pink Everything” philosophy), but it is nice to choose a color palette and stick with it.  If you are going with a bright teal rug, leverage the colors in the rug as your main focus and add items in the bathroom that match the hues of the rug.  Look for rugs, towels, framed images or canvas art, tissue box holders, candles, and other accent items to play off of the color and pattern theme you have chosen.

The great aspect of giving your small bathroom a makeover is there’s less space to deal with which requires less work from you in exchange for a big impact in the end!  By incorporating these three tips to your small bathroom, you can create a whole new look in just a small amount of time and effort. Working within these parameters won’t require a huge budget or permanent changes, so when you’re moving on or just ready for a new look, you can switch things up very easily with these easy bathroom makeover tips!


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