North Texas Roundup: Downtown Dallas vs. Downtown Fort Worth

Neon-lit Cowboy Sign

Downtown living boasts some serious perks, including walkable access to numerous places of employment and world-class amenities (so you can downsize your commute and upsize your fun). The last decade has seen an influx of people moving into city centers, and the landmark cities of the DFW Metroplex are no different.

But which is better—Downtown Dallas or Downtown Fort Worth?

To a large extent, the answer depends on your own personal tastes. But where will the Texan with the largest belt buckle feel the most at home—where they can pair their cowboy boots with a suit or a ten-gallon hat?

Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas is decidedly modern, featuring towering glass skyscrapers, public art installations, and a penchant for massive growth. Downtown Dallas is more densely populated than its Fort Worth counterpart, offering more variety in apartments and condos as well as more traffic.

Among the neighborhood’s many attractions are the Dallas World Aquarium, Dallas Museum of Art, the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Dallas Farmers Market, Majestic Theatre, and Klyde Warren Park. Union Station sits in the heart of Downtown Dallas, providing residents with access to DART’s Red and Blue Lines in addition to the TRE—which connects Downtown Dallas to Downtown Fort Worth.  

Pros: Metropolitan amenities, modern atmosphere, lots of variety, quick ability to DART around town

Cons: Heavy traffic, densely populated

Downtown Fort Worth

Downtown Fort Worth blends modern innovation with historic preservation, touting sleek skyscrapers and classic red-brick buildings. Sundance Square lies at the center of the neighborhood, offering a host of options for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Downtown Fort Worth is also home to the Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth Water Gardens, and Bass Performance Hall.

Downtown Fort Worth maintains a laidback vibe overall, being less densely populated than its Dallas counterpart and harboring an appreciation for modern-day cowboy culture (you’ll spot plenty of ten-gallon hats and spurred boots around downtown and at the nearby Stockyards). In addition to hosting a walkable environment, Downtown Fort Worth is convenient to the TRE, which links the neighborhood to Downtown Dallas.

Pros: Historic character, vibrant amenities, laidback vibe, shorter wait times at restaurants

Cons: Less variety, limited public transportation  

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