No Dishwasher? No Problem.

hand washing fork

You’ve finally found your perfect abode on the Apartminternet! It’s in an ideal location, the price is right, the community is pet friendly, and it even has the kind of flooring you’ve always wanted. But it’s missing one thing you’ve never lived without—a dishwasher.

Accepting that you are now your own dishwasher can be an adjustment, especially when you’re used to a machine doing the washing for you. With the proper planning, tools, and a winning mindset, you can become the best dishwasher (rise of the machines?) you’ve ever known.


Think Ahead


It’s important to consider the amount of dishes you’ll have to wash before you start cooking. You can opt for more one-pot meals, reusing spoons, or even minimizing the amount of dishware you own altogether. Make cleaning a part of the cooking process to keep the dishes from piling up after your meal is done.


Make Sure You Have the Right Tools


A dish drying rack is an essential when you don’t have a dishwasher. After all, you have to put your wet dishes somewhere. A dish drying mat is also nice to have when your drying rack is full or you happen to be washing pots and pans.

Rubber gloves are a popular choice for preventing pruney fingers while washing dishes. If you’d rather ditch the gloves, be sure to find a good dish soap that’s easy on your hands.


Reframe the Experience


The best thing about handwashing your dishes is that it’s your time, whether you want to listen to music, slip into a meditative state, or simply spend quiet time with your own thoughts. Your dishes will often end up cleaner than if you had left them in an older or dirty dishwasher, and you’ll even save a bit on your energy bill too.


Transitioning to a lifestyle that doesn’t include a dishwasher may take some getting used to. But once you get accustomed to cleaning up after yourself, and you no longer have a machine to take for granted, you’ll find that this is a small way to honor your belongings and your space, you apartment zen master you.



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