Moving? Create an Awesome Ad on Craigslist and Sell Your Stuff!

Moving is exhausting both mentally and physically. When it’s time to pack the home, you start to get a good understanding of the amount of stuff that has been accumulating throughout the years. Having relocated myself a number of times, I typically get rid of most of my things because they have no real value. I sell them on Craigslist to make some extra cash, which allows me to travel light on moving day.

Write a clear and informative headline

Question: If you were browsing for a couch on Craigslist, which of these two ads would you click on first?

  • COUCH!!!
  • Large grey, L-shaped suede Ikea sectional for sale

People are busy, so make it simple for them to scan the headline and get the info they need. Be sure to include the item, brand and a short description of the product.

List items individually

Craigslist allows users to link items in individual ads to one another – which is what I recommend doing. A headline such as “Queen-size Platform Bed Frame for Sale” will grab the attention of the right person, more so than “Moving Sale – Inquire Within”.

Keep content brief

Nobody has the time or patience to read through a whole bunch of text. As a consumer, I’m skimming the post and moving on if the ad doesn’t have what I’m looking for. Make it easy for your customers by highlighting the item using bullet points. For example:

Vintage ’68 Schwinn Panther Bike

  • Original owner
  • Well-maintained and ready to ride
  • Front and rear racks with reflectors
  • 6-gear
  • $600 or best offer

Include current photos of item for sale

First of all, it’s necessary to have photos on your ad. Most consumers filter their search results to only include postings that feature them. Don’t put up photos of the item when it was new, make sure it’s a photo that’s displaying the product “as-is”.

Secondly, upload a few photos from different angles. That way, the customer can get a full view of the product. For example, if you’re selling a bike, be sure you snap a close-up picture of the seat, tire chains, handlebars, breaks and tires/rims.

Choose a contact method

How much of a hurry are you in to move out? If you're not on a time crunch, I recommend using email as your primary way of contact. This way, you can weed through inquiries before choosing ones to send a response.

If the clock is ticking, place your number in the ad – only if you’re comfortable doing so. When you meet your buyer, do it in a public place to complete the transaction. It never hurts to have someone else with you during the meeting with the buyer.

So if you’re moving, I say, “Don’t pack, sell!” You’ll save yourself some heavy lifting and have cash to put forth into your new home.

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