Three Easy Tips to Immediately Personalize Your Apartment


No matter where you live, it’s important to make your new place feel like home.  That’s true for any size home on everything from living in a huge house to a small one bedroom apartment. While you often have a lot more control over customizing your own house, there are easy ways to personalize your apartment too. It’s not always possible to paint the walls or replace the carpet in a rented apartment (which is wonderful if you can!), but there are a few easy steps you can take to immediately personalize your apartment without permanent reparations.

Signature Fragrance

Scent is a great way to invigorate a great feeling if it’s tied to a happy memory.  One way to create meaningful memories that are tied to a scent is to give your home a signature fragrance.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways.  Traditionally, a lot of people use candles, and this can be a great option while you are at home. Lit candles should never be left alone so that means you’re missing out on adding that fragrance to the air when you are not at home.  There are other options that are more of a “set it and forget it” approach like using essential oils or a scent machine.  Essential oils can be set up and left in any room, just make sure they are placed high enough that little hands won’t knock them over!  Hotels and retail stores often use scent machines to give guests a memorable stay and now with home fragrance machines like Scent HD, you can do the same for your home.  Home fragrance machines use a fan to blow a scent into your home.  These can be set on an interval timer and typically last about a month before requiring you to change the scent filter.  With any fragrance, you’ll want to pick what speaks to your senses the most so you’ll enjoy walking into your home’s environment as soon as you smell the scented air!

Image: Peachfully Chic

Area Rugs

Area rugs are the perfect way to enhance your space with minimal effort and instant visual impact.  You can use area rugs to soften the touch of hard flooring, and as a bonus, area rugs will also help absorb sound so there’s less echo and noise all around.  Already have carpet throughout in your new apartment?  Try adding an area rug on top of the carpet.  This will give you a customized look to match your style and make the room feel more intimate.  By adding a rug to your living room that matches your sofa or pillows, this visually pulls the room together and makes your pieces look more cohesive.

Take it a step further and consider adding area rugs to create “rooms” by dividing your areas… especially if you live in an open concept space.  Area rugs are so versatile, that there is bound to be at least one color, size and shape that suites your style.  So when you’re presented with a plain floor, try enhancing your apartment with an area rug.