How to Create an Office Space in Your Living Room


When you live in a small apartment, it's essential to get creative on how you use your home to maximize its potential. Often it's best to make rooms multi-functional, so they serve more than just one purpose. Today I’m sharing ideas on how to incorporate an office area in a living room that's both stylish and functional.

When your home has a small footprint and no dedicated workspace, often your kitchen table begins to double as an office. Instead of working from your kitchen table, creating an office space in your living room will help you stay productive and organized. Having a place for everything means piles of paper will no longer take over your dining room table. With a small office area in your living room, you’ll be more likely to keep the area tidy when not in use. If you have children, this area could also double as their homework hub. Below, I’m sharing seven ideas on how to create a stylish work zone within your living room.


Desk Placement Ideas

ONE. Desk Next to Sofa: Instead of having an end table next to your sofa, place a small desk next to your sofa that complements your existing furniture. To make the area blend in when not in use, opt for a large gourd lamp instead of a task office light.


Image: Chic Little House

TWO. Desk Behind Sofa: Depending on the layout and size of your living room, placing a desk or console table behind your sofa that can double as a desk is a great option.

THREE. Desk in Corner: Placing a desk in the corner of your living room is a good idea to keep the flow of your living space from feeling cramped.