How to Find a Babyproof Apartment


Toddlers get into everything. They're equally as curious as they are cute, making them tiny experts at finding the most dangerous features of your home, which is why it's vital for parents to babyproof their apartments. But better yet, why not find an apartment that already has a few baby safety features in it? Whether you have a toddler, a newborn, or you’re expecting, it’s always good to be prepared for what’s to come! After all, they grow up way too fast.

Safety Stove Knobs

Kitchens are filled with no-no’s for babies. One of the most dangerous things for toddlers in the kitchen are stove knobs, particularly valves that are located along the front of the range, rather than behind. When the knobs are behind the burners, toddlers can’t reach them, so it’s a good idea to check for this feature when touring apartments.

However, you can always add on clear, plastic stove knob covers to your valves if they’re located in front of the stove range. These covers will prevent children from turning on the burners and is the best way to avoid a surefire hot mess.

Limited Sharp Corners

It seems that the more modern an apartment, the more sharp corners it has. Modern design typically follows hard edges and sharp corners to make features more eye-catching to renters, but do you know whose eye it also catches? Toddlers. When looking at apartments, be aware of sharp corners and edges on cabinets, appliances, kitchen islands, and furniture pieces (if you’re looking at furnished apartments).

Of course, you can’t eliminate all sharp corners from a living space, but you can alter them for the time being. Corner guards are a great product for things like coffee tables to soften sharp corners. And the best thing about babyproofing products like these is that nothing is permanent! Simply remove the guards whenever you feel it’s no longer hazardous to your child. 

Gated Fireplaces, Balconies, and Doors

We suggest keeping your baby away from balconies and doors in general, but if you enjoy keeping your backdoor open, simply put a secure baby gate on the door frame. That way, your baby can look, but he can’t escape! We suggest the same tactic for the main entry door, just to be on the safe side.

Fireplaces are a lovely touch in apartments, aren’t they? And they’re totally fine for your baby, as long as there is a protective screen around the fireplace. Many fireplaces already come with these, but it’s something to put on your check-list. If it doesn’t come with a protective screen, plenty of sellers offer various options for fireplace gates and screens that are 100% babyproof!

Gated Pool Area

We assume your children won’t be wandering the apartment community, but it’s wise to search for an apartment that has the pool area gated off, just to be safe. Though most apartment complexes have a security gate, maybe even with a coded entry, it’s always good to put this on your must-have list for a babyproof apartment. You don’t want to be worried about your child being able to wander onto the pool deck without your assistance and supervision.

Safe Playground Equipment

Playgrounds are a kid’s safe haven, but they’re only safe if the equipment is properly installed. Though it’s a great perk having a playground set on the grounds of your apartment community, be sure to check the equipment for safety or any potential hazards when you go for a tour.

If the equipment checks out, you’ve saved yourself a few trips to the park, and any toddler would be happy to have a playground in their backyard!

Located Far off of Main Roads

For safety reasons, it’s important to look for an apartment that’s not directly on a main road. This may seem obvious, but there are plenty of apartment complexes, especially in popular urban areas, that are located directly on busy streets.

As a parent, it’s best to avoid this for a few reasons. It’s not as safe to stroll your baby or toddler on the sidewalks of main roads, nor is it safe to have your children walking or strolling along busy roads in general.

And if you want your little bundle of joy to stay asleep after you’ve spent hours trying to put them down for a nap, it’s best to not live by a busy road that will likely be accompanied by loud honks, car engines, bright headlights, and emergency vehicle sirens.

Cordless Blinds

Unless you’re a pro on babyproofing homes, or you’re just an informed parent, many wouldn’t consider blind cords to be an issue for babies. However, long cords or looped cords can be a very dangerous choking hazard if a child gets hold of it.

To avoid this, you can simply tuck the cords up high above the window sill or cut looped cords. But it’s best to just look for apartments with cordless blinds. They give the apartment an updated, sophisticated look, and they’re fully functional, especially when you have a baby in the apartment.

Play Pens and Baby Gates

But remember, even if you can’t find an apartment that has all of the safety features you’re looking for, there are always babyproofing hacks to consider and equipment to be bought. As a parent, play pens and baby gates are a game changer. You can set your child down in the play pen, giving him a safe area away from potential dangers. You can also put up baby gates around the apartment to keep him out of certain areas. We suggest using both for optimal safety. You go, you good parent, you!

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