How to Create a Comfortable Home Office in the Bedroom


Let's face it.  No matter how large or small your home is, or how many rooms you have under your roof, sometimes one room needs to serve two functions.

For many of us, the bedroom also needs to house a work area or home office. While you need your office to be a place you can actually work, the last thing you want is to feel like you eat, sleep and breathe in the same space 24 hours a day! Utilizing a room in these two ways is quite common, but in order to make it a seamless transition from work-day to sleep time, here are a few tips for keeping the peace and staying sane in your bedroom/home office!

Keep Your Surfaces Clutter-Free.

This includes the floor! The last thing you want to see before you go to bed or first thing in the morning is a cluttered mess of paperwork. Keep miscellaneous supplies and papers stored away in desk drawers or alternative storage pieces.

It's always a good idea to do a quick survey of the tabletop surfaces in the room at the end of your work day to ensure that when you come back into your room at bedtime, you can mindlessly climb into bed without being reminded of the pile of work that awaits you in the morning. By spending a few minutes tidying up, you're more likely to have a calming, peaceful environment when you are ready to turn in for the night.

On the flip-side, keeping your clean clothes hung up and dirty clothes in the hamper helps ensure you start your day at "work" feeling refreshed and motivated. You don't want to be reminded all day of how badly you need to tidy up and do laundry!


Use Functional and Stylish Storage Solutions. 

If your desk is on the smaller side, it may have a limited amount of drawers for storing overflow office materials and files. Storage bins and baskets can be used on the floor, on top of or inside furniture pieces to house these types of things.

Floating or other wall-mounted shelves are also another great way to keep things off the ground and maximize the use of the wall space from floor to ceiling. Dressers, wall units or other types of furniture can be utilized for storing any of your things - whether it be clothing, jewelry and accessories or office supplies. Making your storage solutions work for your entire room serves a dual-function.