How to Accommodate Guests When You Don't Have a Guest Room


Renters often face the challenge of not having a spare room for guests.  But don't let this stop you from entertaining family and friends overnight.  Try these tips and tricks to accommodate your guests in style and comfort without a guest room.

Image: Up to Date Interiors

The basics:

Find a space.

Try to find a place in your rental that provides privacy if possible.  Use an office, a child's room or den so you and your guests don't feel obligated to be on the same sleep schedule or intruding on each other's privacy.  In small rentals, the living room is always a go-to.

Set up bedding. 

When you have the space and time, set up an air mattress or bed beforehand.  Otherwise, have bedding close by in a basket or bin for night time.  If you host overnight guests frequently in a living space, invest in a storage ottoman, trunk, or storage cubes to serve double duty for guest item storage and functionality as a coffee table or extra seating.

Create a cozy sleeping area with extra blankets and pillows.

Since most sofas or air mattresses are not as comfortable as a good mattress, add a foam mattress topper to make it softer (and warmer).