Helpful Apps for Renters

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Sure, friends are great. But all of us smartphone users get by with a little help from our apps. When you’re a renter, certain apps cater to many of your specific needs—whether you’re looking for a new apartment, the other half of the rent, budgeting advice, community, extra help, or a top-rated service. The following free apps help you do all of the above and a little more (they do everything but laundry).

Finding a New Apartment

The app makes it easy to find your next home, with detailed search filters, commute-based search options, the ability to draw your own polygon on the map, and high-quality photos and videos of numerous apartments, condos, townhomes, and houses. Getting down to the specifics of what kind of rental you want has never been simpler.


Finding the Other Half of the Rent

The key to an effective payment app is using the one your roommate(s) and landlord already use, or will agree to use. Venmo remains one of the most popular payment apps, allowing you to request and send payment for any and every thing. Zently is more focused on rental issues, helping users pay rent on time, split bills with roommates, and flag any issues to landlords.


Finding Budgeting Advice

Are you saving so you can eventually buy your own place? Then you will most likely need a budget. Mint serves as a virtual financial assistant in your pocket, granting you greater awareness of your bank accounts and spending as well as any investments or retirement accounts you may have. Mint also gives you custom tips and savings recommendations based on your lifestyle and #goals.


Finding Community

If you’re new to the neighborhood, wanting to get to know your neighbors better or what’s going on near you, Nextdoor has got you covered. Nextdoor is a private and free social network that lets you communicate all kinds of news and recommendations to your neighbors, from local babysitters to crime alerts and everything in between.


Finding Help

Wouldn’t an extra hand be handy? Handy connects users to top-rated handy professionals in numerous cities throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Find the professional offering the service you’re looking for, book them right in the app, and see their progress (even when you’re not at home)—whether you need help assembling furniture, trying to mount your TV, or deep cleaning your apartment.


Finding Top-Rated Businesses and Services

Yelp provides millions of user reviews for businesses all around the world. What’s the best way to ask as many people as possible what their favorite restaurant, coffee shop, and hair salon is, wherever you’re located? Check Yelp. This app is particularly useful if you’re exploring a new environment and you don’t quite know where to go.


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