Got Toys? Creative Ways to Store Them with Style


Those of us with children quickly learn that our kids' things have a tendency to take over each and every room in our home! No matter how large or small your living space may be, toy clutter can be a real issue.

However, with so many clever ways to conceal their storage, toys can actually live in various areas throughout your home without screaming "Look! More toys!" Toy storage solutions can be both functional AND stylish. Read on to see how to maintain multi-functional kid-friendly spaces [and when I say kid-friendly, you know that is code word for TOYS!] in each room of your apartment.


Bookshelves don't have to solely house books! Storing all sorts of belongings including toys can easily be done by placing baskets right on the shelves. 

Image: This is our Bliss

Here you can see that most of the shelves of the bookcase are displaying decorative pieces, while the bottom shelf holds two sophisticated square baskets - one with children's books and the other with stuffed animals.


The storage possibilities are endless when you have a larger piece of furniture with individual cubbies to hold bins or baskets. Each bin can be used to store different types of toys - i.e. books, games, puzzles, stuffed animals, LEGOs, etc. Labels can also be added to the front of each bin or kept off to maintain a sleeker, more inconspicuous look.

A bench is a great piece to have in your home because it doubles as seating and storage. Toys can be corralled inside the bench or you could take it a step further and keep storage bins or crates inside to keep different types toys separate and organized. A storage bench can be placed in an entryway, hallway, behind a sofa or against any wall in any given room. Try a bench with cubbies or one that has a lid that tilts up on hinges or lifts on and off completely.


First of all, how great is it that an old dresser can be used in practically any room to store just about anything! Filling up the drawers of a recently revamped dresser is a cinch because you can dedicate each drawer to a different toy category. Plus with a larger drawer, you can store bigger board game boxes or storage bins with handles on top for the kids to quickly grab and go play!