As Pet Popularity Peaks Among Renters, So Goes Demand for Pet-Friendly Places

A significant majority of renters own a pet, according to recent findings from an survey. This year, 72% of renters said they are pet owners compared to just 43% in 2012. Most of these renters (more than 80%) also believe their fellow residents enjoy animals, and they are not far off as three quarters of the renters without pets said they either enjoy living in a pet-friendly building or they are indifferent.   

While it is good news most renters seem to enjoy living in pet-friendly apartments, the past two years have shown the majority of these renters faced some difficulty finding an apartment that allows their four-legged friends. These trends may increase demand for new apartment construction that includes innovative pet-friendly spaces, amenities and policies, especially as, over the years, nine out of 10 renters have told us pet policies played a deciding role when choosing where to live.

More renters are also being asked to pay for the pleasure of having a pet. Close to 80% of respondents said they were required to pay a pet deposit, up from around 60% in 2013. This year, just over half of renters paid more than $200 annually in pet deposits and monthly fees. Since the costs of renting with a pet add up, renters searching for the most value in their next apartment may want to ask about what specific pet amenities are included within the building and its individual units.

Does your apartment building allow pets? If so, what are some of the most unique pet amenities, spaces and services you’ve seen?

See the infograph below for more survey results on the most popular pets for renters, and to see if you live in a dog or cat state.



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