5 Easy Upgrades for Your Apartment

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Older apartments often come with an outdated appearance, and with the many restrictions that landlords put on their properties, it's often difficult to do any sort of home-improvement projects. However, there are a few simple ways to spice up your decor without upsetting your landlord. Check out these five easy ways to upgrade your apartment.

Personalize With Photos

Most apartments come with neutral walls and carpets to accommodate for all renters, but this means that they come with little color to fill the space, leaving it all up to you. To add more color to your space with your own personal touch, use your own pictures. Hang them on the walls or stand them up on end tables to make your apartment truly feel like home.

Spice Up Your Bathroom

One of the easiest areas of an apartment to decorate without breaking any rules is the bathroom. Check out these several ways to spice up your bathroom's décor:

  • Change the toilet seat and replace it with the old one when you move out.

  • Add color and personality to the room with a creative shower curtain.

  • Cover up the ugly tile with tile stickers.

  • Add artwork to the walls.

Add Window Decor

Window Decor

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Adding elements to your windows is perhaps one of the best and the easiest ways to bring color and personality into your apartment. Decorate the windows with curtains or even window decals to change the appearance of the room, and for a spectacular look and a modern feel, install roman blinds. You can even add plants to the windowsill to bring even more color and life to the room.

Cover Up With an Area Rug

If you're stuck with an ugly and outdated carpet, you can easily cover it up with an area rug. Use these tips to find the best area rug for your space:

  • Pick a size that's slightly smaller than the area that the furniture covers so that it's not too overpowering.
  • Choose bold patterns for something unexpected and full of personality.
  • Bring in patterns and colors for a room with neutral walls.
  • Use a neutral rug if you have bright furniture.

Update the Light Fixtures

Update Light Fixtures

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Most of the time, landlords don't have a problem with tenants replacing light fixtures as long as they replace the original ones when they move out. Not only does upgrading your light fixtures help change the appearance of the place and give it a more modern look, but new fixtures can help brighten the entire room without blocking out any of the bulb's light. The best part about it is that you can take the fixtures with you when you move, so you won't waste money on something you can't keep.

If you're stuck in an outdated or neutral apartment, these few tips should help brighten your home and bring some color and style into the place without upsetting your landlord.

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