4 Tampa Neighborhoods With the Best Schools

One of the helpful things about moving to Tampa, or anywhere in Florida, is that the state rates schools on a 1 to 10 scale. Schools with a rating of 10 are considered the best in terms of test scores, classes offered, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and more. There is high competition to get students from outside the districts of the best schools into them. It is possible to get a student into a top-rated school that is not in their neighborhood, but this is dependent upon whether there is any room in the school for these students. It's best if you can find a place to live within that school's district; then you are assured of your child getting to attend there. Here are the four neighborhoods with the best-rated schools in Tampa to get you started on your home-hunting journey.

South Tampa

If you happen to be active duty military or a civilian contractor stationed at MacDill Air Force base, you're in luck. You will probably live either on or fairly close to the base, and that puts you in the school district for Plant High School. Rated a 9 on the Florida school ratings scale, it is the top-rated high school in Tampa. Plant High School also consistently places in lists of the top 100 high schools in the country. If you're not working at MacDill, you can still make sure your child gets to attend Plant High School by choosing any community in the South Tampa general neighborhood.

Fish Hawk Ranch

This family-oriented planned community just outside of the main downtown Tampa area is famous for its proximity to several top-rated schools. Children who live in Fish Hawk Ranch have their choice of two elementary schools (Bevis and FishHawk Creek) and one middle school (Randall) with ratings of 10. The local high school is Newsome High, and it has a rating of 8, which isn't bad at all. One other area elementary school has a 9 rating (Stowers), and another area middle school has an 8 rating (Barrington). These are all wonderful choices for a quality education for your children, regardless of their age.

Citrus Park

Located just above Tampa proper, this up-and-coming area for families boasts a rescue for giant wild cats like tigers and lions, as well as a huge family-friendly shopping mall. It is also a great neighborhood for top-rated schools. The local Sickles High School and Steinbrenner High School are both rated 8. Walker Middle school is in the neighborhood and is rated a 10. Northwest Elementary School is rated a 9. You can't go wrong with sending your children to any of these wonderful schools.

New Tampa

This is a very trendy area that is popular with singles, newly married couples, and young families. It has a lot of art and culture that can be enjoyed by all, as well as some outstanding gourmet restaurants, health food stores, retail stores, entertainment venues, and more. It is also an excellent neighborhood for schools. Chiles Elementary School and Tampa Palms Elementary School are part of the district, and are each rated an impressive 10. Benito Middle School comes up close behind at an above-average 8 rating. Freedom High School ranks a respectable 7. Your child will get an excellent education at any of these top-ranking schools in this popular and fun neighborhood.

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