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“From a competitive standpoint, we’re seeing great value through the combined power of Apartments.com and CoStar Market Analytics. During a time when we’re looking to expand our portfolio, we’ve been able to use the data generated by CoStar Market Analytics to set up alerts on competitive projects and new development updates, as well as land and building sales in areas that matter to us.”

Michael Spampinato Marketing Director, Heatherwood Luxury Rentals


“The product that I never thought would be most valuable to me – and has already paid dividends on our residential end – is CoStar Market Analytics. At the Westover Companies, we are constantly in expansion mode. Being able to look at up-to-date information with a few mouse clicks has given our owners information central to the management process.”

Melissa Sampson Marketing Director, Westover Companies


Thanks to CoStar Market Analytics and Apartments.com together, we can see what’s available in a specific area; whether the kitchens and baths are updated; and other key information. We’re able to create a game plan to determine what properties would get a strong premium after a renovation; how the market is performing before we begin construction in certain neighborhoods; whether we’ll need to offer concessions to be competitive; or whether the market is healthy enough that we can grow rents without having to give anything away for free.”

Derek Olszanowski Asset Manager, Chesapeake Realty Partners


"CoStar Market Analytics allows us to generate customized reports on our own and since our expanded access allows us multiple users, dozens of team members are able to utilize the system in the way that benefits them the most. The breadth of the product allows us to analyze multiple aspects of our business and make sound decisions, particularly as we expand to new markets."

Mark Franceski Director of Research, Bozzuto


"Apartments.com has clearly become the best online tool to help the renter identify and connect with rental apartments in Chicago.  The website is very intuitive, and provides all the information you need to make an informed decision."

Matthew J. Mehon Leasing Manager, Waterton


“The CoStar Market Analytics Underwriting Report is one of the key tools that we leverage to obtain a variety of data quickly to help in our decision-making. The Report has excellent geographic coverage and allows us to focus in on market, submarket, and property level information and trends in an efficient manner. When analyzing a specific property, we use it to provide contextual information on rent and sales comparables, pipeline supply information, as well as economic and demographic trends. The Report quality and content is excellent, and it is an important resource for our underwriting platform.”

David Levy Director of GSE Credit & SVP (Chief Underwriter), Walker & Dunlop


"More than just an internet listing service, we consider Apartments.com to be our partner in property marketing. We trust them to deliver unprecedented traffic through their strong network of apartment rental websites as well as quality leads, effective reporting and best-in-industry market data through CoStar. Best of all, we know that we can rely on a sales team that gives us honest recommendations and a support team that is always available to lend a helping hand. Apartments.com is the foundation for which other ILS models should be built on." 

Amber Huntley-Ruiz Director of Marketing, The Wolff Company


"We've found that a significant percentage of new traffic is coming from Apartments.com, with qualified leads that are converting to new leases.  Our occupancy reflects this increased traffic which in turn is helping us forecast rent growth in the near future."

Amanda Taylor Regional Property Manager, Gillespie Group


"The new Apartments.com not only helps the prospective renter find us faster, but they are in turn more highly qualified as they are fully aware of our exact location, availability and up to date pricing before they even call."

Nicole Malloy Regional Property Manager, Greystar


"Since CRES Management began using apartments.com we have seen an increase in leads, traffic and best of all - leases.  Apartments.com has become our online apartment rental marketing partner and our first choice lead source for our prospective renters."  

Terri Richey Marketing Director, CRES Management


“Apartments.com and Apartment Finder.com have been instrumental in the success of my portfolio.  With communities spread out through Austin and San Antonio, I have one source that always produces the leads and leases we need!  Prior to having all my communities on these venues, the leasing was stagnant.  Now, after placing all my sites on Apartments.com and Apartment Finder.com, we have not only moved up in occupancy, but we are collecting premium rents based on the above average exposure and design of the ads placed online.  I will always have Apartments.com and Apartment Finder.com on my team.”    

Stephanie McKee Regional Property Manager, Knightvest


"Having Costar has saved us hundreds of man hours obtaining apartment rental comps.  Costar spends an enormous amount of time calling and validating the data so we don't have to.  Apartments.com always tops the list in organic searches in our markets, which has improved our traffic and quality of our leads."

Cristina Agra-Hughes Principal, Sr. Vice President, The Ezralow Company/First Pointe Management


"Kudos to Apartments.com for the SuperBowl commercial – it showed that apartments are a life choice for many people.  It was very cool to see the industry that I have worked in for many years featured on television at the most viewed event of the year.   There are multiple levels of consumers that live in an apartment, we appreciate that Apartments.com is finding ways to connect a prospect with their apartment home of choice – at any level!" 

Laurie Lyons Partner, Cardinal Group Management


"The Apartments.com Network team gives our organization great support. They are knowledgeable, responsive and thorough; and all this at an excellent value.”   

Scott Wilkerson Chief Investment Officer, Ginkgo Residential


"The Apartments.com Network team gives our organization great support. They are knowledgeable, responsive and thorough; and all this at an excellent value.”   

Sherry Jordan Vice President, LumaCorp


"California Management Company recently joined CoStar because of their unsurpassed knowledge of client needs, not to mention the robust package you offer. The company performance goals will be achieved at a greater speed because of the comprehensiveness of your reports. We are very pleased with the diligence and knowledge of CoStar Associates assigned to our company. Keep up the good work!"

Lidia Velici President, California Management Company


"I have seen a substantial increase in quality leads for our communities!"  

Barry Goldbaum President, JLS Investments


"CoStar has been a valuable tool to conduct quick competitive analysis for our current portfolio and is especially useful when we are conducting due diligence on properties for sale. It offers convenient access to a robust database of market information we would not normally be able to access without hours dedicated to research. CoStar improves our decision making and accelerates market research considerably."  

Tara Carter President, Luxe Residential