How to Make Sure Your Rental Listing Gets Noticed

Insider Tips for Creating the Perfect Rental Listing

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Your listing on is your property’s virtual front door, so it pays to invest in making it shine. Here are some tips to make sure you get noticed by the most qualified renters.

The details matter when it comes to filling that vacancy for your rental property. Keep your property listing up-to-date and as detailed as possible for prospective renters. Your ad is your property showcase—think of it as your rental’s chance to shine.

Pay—and Draw—Attention to the Details

Sharing the exact rent, square footage, and bedroom/bathroom details with a renter during their search helps determine if this home will meet their needs. Ensure that you are providing accurate and complete information on your listing. It's also important to let renters know what type of building your listing is—condo, townhouse, apartment building, or a single-family home. It may sound like a no-brainer, but not having this information with your listing can mean unqualified traffic to your door instead of focusing your time on those most likely to rent.

Do you have amenities that are unique to the property or that are new from a recent renovation? These are essential to highlight in order to help renters find a place that best suits their needs, not to mention make your listing stand out from the competition. Not only can renters search by amenities throughout our network of apartment-rental sites, but they can also narrow down their searches by specific keywords. Some of the most searched apartment amenities include:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Washer/dryer in unit 
  • Balcony/patio
  • Garage parking

Let renters know if there are other amenities that make your rental property shine. Here are a few examples:

  • Huge walk-in closets: Renters love knowing they will have a lot of storage when they move, so be sure to highlight any extra storage space!
  • Large windows: Letting renters know they will get lots of natural light into their unit attracts some and deters other people, so being up front with this information is important.
  • Fireplace: Is your building in a place that can experience cool fall nights or a cold winter season? Let renters know they will be able to warm up at home with an in-unit fireplace.

Go beyond the interior details to make sure future renters know exactly what makes your property pop. Is there a clubhouse with extra amenities such as Wi-Fi or grilling equipment to host a party? Are utilities included? Highlight these unique features to the listing as well. Think of it this way, sharing is caring!

Did We Mention That the Details Matter?

Before we get to one of the most important ways to make your ad stand out—photography—below are a few other important areas of your property listing to highlight:

  • Pets: Having all information relating to pets—what is the policy for pets at your property, what pets do you allow, what are the fees associated with pets, are there weight limits, is there a monthly pet rent?—is essential to a pet owner, and without this information you could be missing out on a highly qualified lead. If you prefer no pets at your building, make sure you also share this with renters in your listing.
  • Parking: Knowing what parking is available and how much it will cost is another important factor for a renter. Be sure to provide specifics about the types of parking—covered, surface lot, street or garage parking—as well as any fees associated.  
  • Contact information: What is the best way for a renter to reach out to schedule a tour of your rental? Provide contact information that will ensure they can get a hold of you in a timely manner.

Ready for Your Close Up?

Photographs are one of the most, if not the most, important tools for showcasing your place to prospective renters. (Hotel websites including or vacation-home rental sites like are good sources for how—and how not—to market a property.) Include as many photos as you have available to show where the renter would be calling home. Quality matters as much as quantity, so take some time to plan out the photos that will really position your property in its best light. You can add photos through both our desktop and mobile sites, so don't be shy about snapping your pictures! 

Renters will want to see pictures of the actual unit and all the rooms, allowing them to picture their furniture and belongings in their new home. If you have a floorplan of the unit, upload that to your listing as well. If you have any pictures of the amenities mentioned above, be sure to include those too so that renters gets both the written and visual description! And talking of descriptions, photo captions are an easy way to capture compelling details in an easy-to-understand visual context for your future tenant.

Exteriors of the building and community matter, too, helping to place your listing in the context of its surroundings. Is there a yard or local park for walking dogs? What about nearby coffee shops, grocery stores and local attractions? Think of yourself as a visual storyteller helping to guide your future renter to their new home. It can take some time to get this process right, especially given busy schedules and workloads, but the investment upfront will pay off when it comes to getting the right renters through your front door.