First-Time Landlord’s Guide to Books, Blogs and Podcasts

Landlord 101: Books, Blogs and Podcasts for First-Time Landlords

By Alyssa Grossman
First-Time Landlord’s Guide to Books, Blogs and Podcasts

New landlords don’t have to go it alone. Here are some must read (and must listen) resources to help make small property management a breeze.

Whether it's researching real estate or tackling repairs before tenants move in, understanding the ins and outs of small property management can often feel like a daunting task—especially to those who've never done it before. Thankfully, first-time landlords don't have to go it alone. Books, blogs, podcasts and other resources are available to turn anyone into an old pro.

Here are a few resources that will answer landlording questions—large or small—in no time:

ARTICLE: What I Wish I Knew Before Buying Rental Property

Holly Johnson's article on The Simple Dollar—“What I Wish I Knew Before Buying Rental Property"—is honest, personal and incredibly helpful for those who are unaware of the realities of being a landlord. For first-timers in the process of researching what it takes to own and rent a small property, Johnson's post is a must-read. Johnson says that "becoming a landlord is not for the faint of heart." Her article ensures readers are ready and covers everything from property taxes to the importance of being a stickler for rental rules.

PODCAST: The BiggerPockets Podcast

Hosts Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner know their stuff. The pair brings in special guests to talk topics like navigating a pricey market, breaking out of real estate comfort zones and staying frugal. In between episodes, more knowledge can be found on BiggerPockets' blog posts and forums, which cover an impressive range of real estate topics such as finding an industry mentor, resolving disputes and decoding a tenant credit report.

BOOK: First-Time Landlord: Your Guide for Renting Out a Single-Family Home

The authors of this comprehensive guide, Janet Portman, Ilona Bray and Marcia Stewart, understand that many landlords aren't managing a property full-time. Their advice is geared toward those who want to dive in, but don't have the experience or time. The book also covers how to determine if owning and renting out property is a good move in the first place. In addition to practical advice, the authors offer plenty of true stories about first-time landlording experiences from those who've been through it all before.

BOOK: No Nonsense Landlord

Author Eric Tyson refers to his blog as a biography, where he tracks his journey to financial independence and beyond by way of landlording. Recent posts run the landlord knowledge gamut, from “How to Know if You Are Financially Secure" to “How to Fix a Delta Shower Faucet Leak." Plus, Tyson is highly interactive with his readers, so if a post raises a question, soliciting his advice is only a comment away.

BLOG: Landlord Academy

With everything from online training to legal document templates, this website is a wealth of knowledge for landlords—whether seasoned or new to the job. Readers can browse articles on everything from evictions to security deposits or even set up a meeting with a property management expert. The Landlord Academy is truly a one-stop-shop for property managers.

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