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Give Renters What They Want with Walk Through Video



Walk Through Video offers a multimedia experience of your community’s floorplans in a manner preferred by renters and offered by no other ILS.

But don’t take our word for it - take a look at what renters have to say:

  • 81% of renters would be likely to view a walk through video and 73% find the walk through style very useful.**
  • 79% of renters find videos more useful than still photos; 54% find videos more useful than virtual tours**
    **Frank N Magid & Associates, Study, October 2007
“It gave a real sense of space and was wonderful for getting a perspective on the setting and amenities even from a distance. I felt as if I were there myself.” — Chris, Chicago   “With this video you can envision your furniture in the apartment. It gave me a better picture of the apartment than just pictures alone.” — Kelly, Naperville

 Walk Through Video Features:

Four videos of your choice per package

  • Recommended: Three unit and one community Walk Through Videos
Premium search results exposure
  • Communities with Walk Through Video will be sortable within Search Results and include a graphic indicating video is present
Enhanced multimedia experience
  • Walk Through Videos are a prominent component of “Community Overview” pages with a direct link and inclusion in Multimedia Center
Professional narration and music
  • Choice of male or female narration
  • Four music sample options
Professional videography team to film, edit and produce Walk Through Videos
  • On-site preview of uncut, unedited footage ensures all community and floorplan elements are captured

Exclusive licensing option

  • Use of watermark free video for all of your online marketing needs

Meet the demands of today's renters and give them the grand tour with Walk Through Video.