Three Parentally Challenged Candidates Vie for the Public's Vote In the Room To Move Contest
$10,000 grand prize awaits the most humorous and freedom-worthy "adultescent"

  CHICAGO, May 3, 2004 - - has named Jessica Gill of Mt. Arlington, New Jersey the winner of the first annual Room To Move contest. The 25-year-old captivated thousands of online voters with her touching and humorous tale of still living with her parents and sharing a bedroom with her 17-year-old brother. She will not only receive the $10,000 grand prize for her efforts, but has also secured a room redesign for her family by HGTV designer Debbie Travis. The remaining finalists will each receive a $500 cash prize from contest sponsor

"The public responded on many levels to Jessica's story of bunking three feet away from her teenage brother." said Nikola Zurak, contest spokesperson. "Voters related to the social awkwardness, the humor and her need to move on and out. It's a very happy end to the contest."

Gill's creative essay and photographs describing why she needed "room to move" paved the way for her victory over finalists from Orlando, Florida and Shorewood, Illinois. She will use her hard-earned winnings to move her family to a larger residence and to set herself up in an apartment of her own where, she professes, "I will eat ice cream on the couch in my underwear if I want to. "

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 18 million unmarried Americans aged 18 to 34 currently live with their families. Room To Move contest organizers were impressed by the hilarious pleas of more than a hundred entries received from those in this predicament. Contestants painted a picture of both the humor and exasperation inherent in their living situations, engaging judges with stories of having to pay to park in the driveway, being forbidden to sit "too close" on the couch with their boyfriends, crawling through doggie doors because locks were changed without their knowledge and the desire to walk around in the buff.

The winner was announced live on The Today Show and on the contest Web site, The winning essay and photos along with fun facts and statistics can also be found on the site. For those interested in expediting the relocation process, offers access to its wide variety of apartments directly from the contest pages. Visitors looking for a roommate other than their parent can locate a better match at

Along with millions of visual apartment listings and classifieds from more than 170 newspapers nationwide, also offers users a "Fill Your Vacancy" service for listing units for rent or sublet.