The Olympics of Collegiate Clutter Are Underway in the Messiest College Apartment Contest

$10,000 winner to be crowned nation's gold-medal slob

CHICAGO, February 4, 2002 - Years in "training" will once again bring the nation's top messmakers together in unrivaled collegiate competition during the third annual Messiest College Apartment Contest. The glory of being voted the nation's top slob comes with a $10,000 grand prize, on-campus bragging rights and a professional clean-up crew. Runners-up will split $1,000 from contest sponsor, is on a mission to clean up collegiate America, one messy student at a time. Even students like these who entered last year:
  • "When my mother visited, she preferred to walk across the street to use a public toilet." - a senior at Georgetown University
  • "Many of my friends refuse to come over. And if they do, they refuse to take their shoes off." - a sophomore at the University of Michigan
  • "We have more microorganisms growing in our toilet than most biology laboratories. We are striving to preserve bio-diversity in any way we can. We will not destroy their habitat by so-called cleaning and disinfecting." - a senior at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
  • "The worst part may be the ants. But, we found that if you spray them with hairspray, they die and their friends carry off the bodies. Less work for us." - a freshman, California State University - Northridge
Contest organizers are bracing themselves for this year's frightening photography of outrageously cluttered contestant abodes and goosebump-inducing "mess defense" essays. Ever seen a Thanksgiving turkey in February? A two year-old carton of milk? How about students doing dishes in a bathtub because the sink is too gross? You will. Those willing to confess the details of their messy college apartment can enter the contest between February 4 and March 8 at Footage and a 360 degree tour of the disaster that was last year's winning apartment, the "Dark Pit of Filth" inhabited by Matt Robinson of Indiana University, as well official rules, guidelines, slovenly facts and statistics can also be found on the contest Web site.

"We look forward to unearthing the most needy entries and bringing the winner's apartment back up to acceptable standards," said Karrie Gottschild, director of the contest. "The real apartment listings on are immaculate - but we knew you'd have to see these to believe it."

Along with millions of visual apartment listings, offers users a "Fill Your Vacancy" service where un-messy apartments can be listed for rent or sublet. Those visitors who feel traumatized by their own slovenly roommates can find the ideal replacement at

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