2001 Crop Succeeds in Out-Messing Last Year's Entries

WHAT: has uncovered three unbelievably worthy Finalists in its Messiest College Apartment Contest and will open up voting March 20th on its Web site, Site visitors will decide which of the exceptional slobs represents the most blatant example of out-of-control collegiate clutter, neglect and filth.

The Finalist receiving the most votes before midnight March 30th will win $10,000 - enough for one year's free rent, a thorough apartment cleaning - or more stuff to add to the piles of their outrageous messes.


The three Finalists, pared down from dozens of entries by a panel of experts, hail from large universities as well as community colleges and span the country from California to New Jersey. The winner will be one of the lucky Finalists from:

  • University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (Stevens Point, WI)
  • Harold Washington College (Chicago, IL)
  • Indiana University, (Bloomington, IN)


Visit and click on the Messiest College Apartment Contest logo to review the amazing photos, be immersed in the 360-degree virtual tours, read the hysterical "mess defense" essays and vote for one of the three competitors.


Voting will begin at 8:00 a.m. (CST) on March 20th, 2001 and run through 11:59 p.m. (CST) March 30th, 2001. One vote per unique e-mail address will be accepted per day. The Finalist receiving the most votes will be announced as the contest Winner on or around April 10th, 2001.

A 360-degree virtual tour, photos and video of the messiest college apartment in the U.S. will be featured on following the winner announcement.


Cleaning has never been a priority for college students and filthy apartments take on the unique character of their slovenly occupants. What better way to showcase the "achievements" of the country's top college slobs than on the most visual apartment site on the Internet? is known for its rich content, featuring floor plans, photos and video for the nearly three million completely UN-messy apartments represented on the site.


To download hi-res photos of the Finalists' apartments, visit


  • Entries received were 61% from males and 39% from female apartment renters, including 2 married couples
  • 2 desperate mothers sent in entries begging to help their messy offspring clean up their acts
  • More than half of the entries had roommates (or spouses) living with them while many had scared away multiple roommates
  • 3 have had visitors leave their apartment to use a public bathroom
  • 1 entry almost missed the deadline due to losing the contest entry pictures in their mess
  • 1 entrant was a county health worker


  • "I wear shower sandals in my own tub." - a sophomore at University of Michigan
  • "I like to call my apartment 'Matt's Dark Pit of Filth.' The pile of refuse that covers my bed leaves me with two feet of sleeping space, so forget about sex!" - a senior at Indiana University
  • "We gotta keep up with our schoolwork. We have jobs. We have to get drunk at every possible opportunity." - a junior at North Carolina State University
  • "Things I have found in or on my foot on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night: staples, shards of glass, used band-aids, gum, a sticky brown substance that smells like vinegar." - a junior at UCLA
  • "When my mother visited, she preferred to walk across the street to use a public toilet. All of us have lost our towels, but there's always a dirty shirt sitting around to fill the void. Our kitchen was flooded with toilet water and we have been given ultimatums from girlfriends that now refuse to visit." - a senior at Georgetown University
  • "Many of my friends refuse to come over. And if they do, they refuse to take their shoes off." - a sophomore at University of Michigan
  • "We have more microorganisms growing in our toilet than most biology laboratories. We are striving to preserve bio-diversity in any way we can. We will not destroy their habitat by so-called cleaning and disinfecting." - a senior at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
  • "The last time we let [our unwashed dishes in a sink of liquefied funk] go like this, they had to be washed in the bathtub." - a senior at California State University - Northridge
  • "A lot of clothes get flecked with orange cat vomit, which tends to imbed itself further with washing.. Who would guess I also work for the County Health Department?" - a sophomore at Santa Ana College