Jonesboro, AR

Finding an Apartment for Rent in Jonesboro, AR

Jonesboro, Arkansas is primarily known as a college town. There are a lot of other great things about the town besides the Arkansas State University, but you will find that college life really defines this town. From the cafes and diners catering to a younger crowd to apartment complexes built with short-term stays in mind, this is definitely a stop on many a young professional's career journey. Whether you're 18 or 88, however, you can still have a great time living in Jonesboro whether it's for a year or a lifetime.

Top Neighborhoods in Jonesboro, AR

There are a lot of really great neighborhoods in Jonesboro. Some of the best include Valley View and Pleasant Grove. Valley View offers a beautiful view of the valley while Pleasant Grove is just as pleasant as it sounds. Other great neighborhoods include Ridge, Nettleton and Philadelphia. All of these neighborhoods, though more suburban than urban, can be surprisingly affordable if you take your time to find a great apartment there.

Shopping in Jonesboro, AR

The major shopping center of Jonesboro is the Mall at Turtle Creek. Here you'll find JC Penney, Dillard's, Target, a food court with some good Chinese food, coffee and fast food, and plenty of sitting areas to give your feet a rest. Jonesboro was ranked ninth in Kiplinger Personal Finance's listing of the ten best cities for cheapskates in 2012, so you can do a lot of great shopping here on a dime. To be clear, Jonesboro is simply affordable, and that goes a long way with folks just looking to get by.

Weather in Jonesboro, AR

It tends to stay pretty warm in Jonesboro. You will want to pack a coat and some long pants if you plan on spending a whole year in Jonesboro, but in the summertime you can expect average lows around seventy degrees. In the winter, the lows can get down to the high twenties, but even then, you're going to see highs hovering around fifty degrees. Jonesboro isn't like a tropical island, it does experience winters, but the winters are mild. The summers, on the other hand, are not, so make sure to bring some shorts and tank tops if you're spending the summer in Jonesboro.

Transportation in Jonesboro, AR

Getting where you want to go is pretty easy in Jonesboro. The Jonesboro Economic Transit System (JETS) serves the area with four fixed routes. If you need to get all the way across town, that might take a little more time than you'd like, but JETS does serve the entire city. If you need to commute to work every single morning, it might be worth investing in a vehicle of your own, if you don't have a car already, but if you work in the same neighborhood where you live, a bus pass should be able to handle all of your transportation needs.