Why It's Worth Making Upgrades to Your Rental Apartment


I've been a renter for the past 10 years, and during that time, I've updated lighting and window treatments, painted walls, hung open shelves, replaced a shower head, planted a patio garden, and more. I've been asked, "Why do you bother upgrading your place if it's just a rental? Isn't it just a big waste of money and time? And won't you lose your security deposit if you make big changes?" These questions seem to be common, so today I wanted to tackle them. Is it worth making upgrades to your rental apartment? Here's why I say "YES!".


1. You'll be so much happier in a place that reflects your style - Home is where you spend a good chunk of your time. It's where you start every day, and where you end it. So it should be a place where you're comfortable and happy, where you can relax and be yourself, and where you are proud to have friends over! I've noticed that I'm much happier at home when I've put some effort into making it feel like my style. For that reason alone, it's worth it to me to make some upgrades.


2. You may be there longer than you think - I think a lot of people are hesitant to make changes because they think of apartments as temporary. But I have so many friends that have lived in the same apartment for years — longer than some people who own homes! Our last rental was a lease we took over from family. We thought we'd just finish out the lease and then look for a different place ourselves. Well, we ended up living there for FOUR YEARS! When I think about the cost of the changes we made divided over four years, they were completely worth it.