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5 Tips to help your residents decorate the right way

Moving into a new apartment can mean so many decorating opportunities for enthusiastic residents!  While hanging pictures, painting walls, putting up window treatments or even stapling the area rug in place (EEK!) might be exciting and innovative to residents, it could mean disaster for your maintenance team.  Here are five tips you can share with residents to help them decorate within the guidelines of the rental agreement, ensuring a happy living situation at your community

1.)    Offer to do it for them - Whether it be painting or hanging items on the wall, give your residents the VIP treatment—and avoid potential disaster--by offering up your professional services.  Before a new resident moves in, ask them if they would like to pick out a new color for the apartment and offer to paint as long as they front the supplies.  As a result, your happy resident will feel more at home, while you control the quality of the paint job.

2.)    Be specific with your requirements - If your rental agreement allows new residents to paint, be sure to specify your paint requirements before they move in.  For example; most communities do not allow oil-based paints, as they take longer to dry and are more difficult to clean up.  When it comes to hanging items, clarify which type of screw is best for the walls or recommend adhesive strips.  Insert suggestions to your move-in kits or remind residents in a monthly newsletter. 

3.)    Share tips to save space -The more space renters have, the more room for design!  Offer suggestions like adding mirrors to make small spaces appear larger, bed risers for under-bed storage and stackable shelves for under the sink and cabinet efficiency.  Even using a long bookshelf to serve as a room divider can perk up and efficiently save space in a studio!

4.)    Encourage (simple) creativity- With the recent popularity of Pinterest and other Do-It-Yourself websites, creative decorating ideas are endless!  Visit the Pinterest page to look for design ideas for all skill levels. 

5.)    Lead by example - Decorating is not just for your residents.  It’s important to remember the appearance of your building, leasing office and lobby is the first impression a new renter gets when visiting your community.  Be sure to keep your space clean, organized and inviting with warm colors.

What decorating services or ideas do you provide to your renters?

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