Temporary Wallpaper for Renters

Those who spend many years of their lives in apartments or home rentals know the rental scene is both a blessing and a curse. Without a mortgage, you never have to be tied to the same place for too long, which provides the option of regular change. When you don’t own a space, though, you are subject to the dictates of others about what you can and cannot do with your own place.

Wallpaper for Renters

That doesn't mean house rules have to keep you from going all in with your customized home decor, though. A few companies produce wallpaper for renters that is as temporary as your living arrangements.

Why Wallpaper

Most rental agreements permit the painting of walls, but do so with a catch. Change the color of the paint on the walls in a room, and you must return the room to its original color before you move out. On a one-year lease, that’s a lot of work just for a splash of color. If you have a quirky rental with plenty of custom colors on the walls, you also have to worry about matching the original paint colors.

While temporary wallpaper takes some work to install, the removal process is much easier than repainting. Before moving out, simply peel the paper away. Quality removable wallpapers cause no harm to, and leave no residue on, original paint.

Where to Find It

The market is saturated with wallpaper for renters, as long as you know how to search for it. Major home improvement retailers, like Lowes and Home Depot, offers temporary wallpaper options, as do online retailers, like Amazon, but not all retailers use the same lingo. You might find wallpaper under any of the following names:

  • Temporary wallpaper

  • Removable wallpaper

  • Strippable wallpaper

  • Peelable wallpaper

  • Rental wallpaper

There may also be slight variations between these varieties.

According to Lowes, for instance, strippable wallpaper peels easily from walls without leaving a residue behind, while peelable wallpaper leaves a residue that can be wiped clean with soap and water. While both should come off without hassle or damage, one clearly takes more work than the other to remove completely.

Decorating Tips

Even with temporary wallpaper, you are going to spend some time putting it up. With short-term rentals, it may not seem worth the effort. Still, you don’t want to leave all the walls the same color of cream for the duration of your rental either.

Instead of papering entire rooms in your rental with strippable wallpaper, create accent walls throughout the space. By putting wallpaper up on a single wall in every room, you give each space its own distinct appearance, while keeping the work to a minimum.

The temporary nature of renting is nice for people who prefer life on the go, but no one likes home to look like its constantly in transition. Small touches, like temporary wallpaper, even in a short-term living space, can make your rental feel more personal, more stylish, and more like home.

Have you experimented with wallpaper for renters? Share your stories in the comments below!

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