Solutions for Poor Cell Phone Reception

There are many causes of poor cell phone reception. While most people assume that this is just a fact of life, there are actually a few different ways to increase the cell phone reception in your apartment.

Solutions to Cell Phone Reception

The easiest solution for some people is to switch to a different cellular carrier. Many times one carrier will work significantly better in your apartment than another, so if you’re not locked into a contract and find that one carrier is better, switching is the easiest solution. If you don’t have this option available, try one of  the following solutions that are still available to you.

The next solution is provided by your cellular carrier and is called a femtocell (also known as a microcell). A femtocell is a device about the size of a wireless router that plugs into your broadband internet and creates a tiny cellular signal inside of your apartment. Your calls are then sent over the internet instead of the cellular towers, so you avoid the previously discussed causes of poor cell phone reception. A femtocell is a good option if everyone in the apartment has the same cellular carrier and if you have quality broadband internet.

While a femtocell sounds like a great solution, there are a couple of downsides to consider. Femtocells only work for the cellular carrier that you purchase them from, so if you have frequent visitors or roommates with different cellular carriers, then they’ll still experience poor reception. Additionally, if you have poor broadband internet access, then you’ll experience call latency and sub-par call quality while the call is being routed over the internet. Finally, femtocells are monitored by your cellular provider via GPS to ensure that they’re only used in the location that they’re registered, so you must place the device by a window to receive an adequate GPS signal.

The third solution available to you is a cell phone signal booster, which takes an existing cellular signal, usually found outside of your apartment, amplifies it and broadcasts it to the area inside where you’re having poor reception. Cell phone signal boosters are sold by 3rd party companies, so they’re carrier independent, and can boost the signal of multiple cell phone carriers to multiple different users at the same time, without restrictions.

The one requirement to use a cell phone signal booster is that you must have a good signal somewhere close by, typically near a window or outside the apartment, where you can place an antenna. This means that the installation is slightly more difficult than just plugging in a femtocell, but is usually worth it if you’ll benefit from boosting the signal of multiple cellular carriers, don’t have a quality broadband connection or don’t want your device to be monitored by your cellular provider.

If you’re having problems with cell phone reception in your apartment, your three options are to switch to a carrier with better reception, purchase a femtocell from your cellular provider, or boost the existing signal to your apartment using a cell phone signal booster. For more information on switching to a new carrier or purchasing a femtocell, contact your wireless provider directly. If a signal booster sounds like the better option for you, then check out the different cell phone signal booster options available to you.

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