Small Decor Changes with Big Impact


Whether you're inspired by the seasons changing or are simply sick of your current decor, there are some inexpensive and simple small changes you can make that will have a big impact on your interior design! Instead of trying to update your entire apartment, which can be both time consuming and expensive, focus on a few smaller items to save money while adding style.

Check out these easy swaps to change up the look of your apartment!

Switch out your rugs

Rugs offer an easy way to change the entire look and feel of your apartment! Sell your current rug on a used-goods website (or roll it up and save it for your next redecoration period) and search through local thrift stores and discount stores to find one that speaks to you. Don’t forget big box stores, either. They can be great places for rug finds, and they’ll save you the trouble and expense of the dry-cleaning that may be needed if you pick up an old or used rug. 


Paint your TV stand / entertainment center

If you’re like many apartment renters, you have some sort of TV stand or entertainment center in your main living area. A great way to update and refresh your space is to simply repaint it.  If your furniture is black or dark brown, consider whitewashing it or painting it a fun bright color. If your furniture is a lighter wood-grain, consider staining it a new color. These are pretty cheap DIY projects that can make a huge difference in your space.


Move around art or pictures

Sometimes, seeing the same things in the same place every day can get boring. Move around your picture frames, adjust any art you have hanging on the wall, or move items between rooms. If you don't currently display art or photos, consider a light investment in picture frames and print some of your favorite photos at a pharmacy, Walmart, or other photo center for your very own gallery wall.


Rotate throw pillows and blankets

It's fun and easy to have a couple sets of throw pillows that you rotate between throughout the year. For instance, we have mustard throw pillows that we use in fall and winter and light blue throw pillows we use in spring and summer. Not only does it save the pillows from wear and tear, but they're fun accent and "pop" pieces that add some interesting color without significant cost.



I can't say this enough.  Sometimes you can simply have too much stuff!  Choose some pieces you don't love any more and sell or donate them. You'll walk away with a cleaner, more modern apartment space, and (hopefully) a few extra dollars in your pocket.


Choose some accent pieces

Small accent pieces can go a long way, especially if you select a theme and leverage it throughout your space. For instance, if you're digging the gold trend, choose a couple gold accent pieces for your kitchen and living room and bring it into your bedroom as well. This will give you a cohesive style without significant investment.

Sarah Lamb is a communications professional based in Atlanta, Georgia where she lives with her fiancé and two dogs. After living in several different apartments over the past few years, she blogs about her experiences and gives advice on rental apartment living on

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