Sell Your Stuff: Tips for Having a Garage Sale

Moving is a blessing in disguise. It gives you an opportunity to finally go through all of your stuff to determine what you really need. As you are moving, the best thing to do is to go through every drawer, cabinet, and closet and fill up boxes or garbage bags with stuff to sell and stuff to throw away. Moving is expensive, and there is no reason to pay for the things you don’t use. By selling your unwanted items you can even make some money to help cover the moving costs. Here are some tips for having a garage sale to rival all garage sales.

Garage Sale

Don’t Bother with Traditional Pricing

If you have been to a garage sale recently, you have probably noticed that most people have every single item priced individually. This is not only completely unnecessary, but it is also a giant waste of time. You are not a store. Your prices don’t need to be scanned. If you are comfortable with talking to people, simply leave everything alone. When you see someone looking at an item, tell him or her how much you would like for it. If you are uncomfortable with this option, you can place things in boxes with the prices marked only on the outside of the box (with a giant marker). This works especially great for clothing, books, and toys. Whatever route you take, it is always a good idea to have a price on the larger items, like furniture and sporting goods equipment. To do this, all you need is masking tape and a permanent marker. You don’t need to waste money on fancy garage-sale price tags.

Make it Easy to Get Around

Now it is time to set up your moving sale. Believe it or not, the way you set it up can make a big impact on how much you sell. Try to get as many tables for display as you can. Separate your items into categories (e.g. kitchen gear, games, etc.) and arrange them accordingly. You will want to make sure that the higher priced items are highly visible. It is also important that you create a clear path around your display tables so that visitors to your sale are clear on how they can get around to see all of your awesome items.

Don’t Be Stingy

Remember, the main purpose of your moving sale is to get rid of your unwanted stuff, not make money. People who go to moving sales like to negotiate, so you should be prepared for it. Be open to all offers. Whatever you don’t sell is going to end up getting donated, so it is better to get something for it than nothing. If someone makes you a reasonable offer on something, take it. The small change can add up to be quite a bit of money.

Garage sales are win-win situations; you get money in your pocket and you have less stuff you have to worry about moving!

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