Quiz! What Roommate Personality is Best for You?

Ah, the age old quest for the perfect roommate, not an easy one my friends. I've had terrible roomies, but I've also had separated-at-birth-perfection roommates too. The difference is life changing. Stuck with the former, and your life may be miserable. Paired with the latter and life is golden.

Roommate Personality

Courtney with her favorite roommate of all time, Kristin Stowers

If you’re on the quest for the perfect roommate, take this test to narrow down what personality type it is you’re best suited with. From there be honest about who you are, it’s the only way!

When I come home from work I:

A: Like to have quiet, alone time to decompress
B: Am ready for happy hour and the more the merrier
C: Love to cook a nice meal then tidy up to keep the place neat
D: Enjoy watching TV and don’t mind company

My cleaning habits are:
A: My own personal organized chaos
B: Not obsessively clean since I love having people over but, still looks presentable—and impressive
C: I keep everything scrubbed, shined, polished, and waxed. You could eat off the floors.
D: Relaxed, my place looks fine but I don’t sweat the occasional dish left out, etc.

The soundtrack to my space is:
A: My own music, TV show, or video game—my choice, not yours thank you very much
B: Whatever! Conversations, music, TV—the sound of life!
C: Agreeable music at a normal volume & the occasional TV show
D: The Today Show followed by CNN followed by my fave reality shows—I leave the TV on even when I’m not watching it

My social life is:
A: Somewhat private, I don’t need to make friends with everyone, I have my friends and am happy on my own too
B: Open door policy, I am a social creature
C: I enjoy hosting dinner parties and socializing with other like-minded [read: intelligent] people
D: Laid back, I socialize a lot at work so don’t need to hang out 24/7 afterwards but don’t mind the occasional guest

My sharing policy is:
A: No sharing, it’s just easier that way
B: What’s mine is yours, mi casa es su casa
C: I love cooking for others but that doesn't mean my fridge is open for business
D: I’m willing to share so long as the feeling is mutual and respected

I go to bed:
A: Whenever I want. Sometimes I stay up late reading or playing games
B: When the party’s officially over
C: At a reasonable hour and expect my roommate to as well
D: Every day is a little different; I’m not ruled by schedules

My interior decorating style could be described as:
A: Personal taste, nothing you’d see in a décor magazine but I love it
B: Trendy and could be on the cover of a magazine
C: Shabby Chic: charming, cozy and elegant
D: Relaxed, a hodge podge of styles that somehow makes sense

You say po-tay-to, I say poh-tah-toh:
A: I am NOT your average Chatty Cathy
B: Talk to me: I live for conversations and socializing
C: I enjoy stimulating conversation and am put off by forced, contrived conversation
D: I’m easy going. Talk to me about whatever, if I’m interested I’ll share the sentiment, if not I’ll at least try to listen

And on to the results…

If you scored mostly A’s: You’re an individual and do not conform to the crowd. Though you’re not agoraphobic, you don’t need to go out every night or entertain all that often. You enjoy your own space, privacy, and setting the rules. You’re best searching for a roommate who is studying hard (Masters or PHD student) or another like-minded individual who enjoys the quiet and doesn't need to tell you about their every move (maybe a gamer).

If you scored mostly B’s: You are social and enjoy going out as much as you enjoying having folks over. You don’t want to have to tip toe around your own house or keep the volume low. Therefore you need to be clear when interviewing potential roommates that you enjoy socializing, having people over, and don’t like excessive rules

If you scored mostly C’s: You’re an organized go-getter. You like order but also enjoy socializing so long as there is a purpose other than just hanging out or getting hammered. Dinner parties are lovely and there’s nothing better than a freshly cleaned home. Look for a clean-obsessed roommate and ensure he/she is not just saying they like it clean. You want someone who knows the names of household cleaning products, and hopefully green/organic products at that. Be up front about your enjoyment for hosting the occasional party and give bonus points for foodies who clean up after themselves.

If you scored mostly D’s: Good news, your personality-type it the easiest to match with others! You don’t need constant attention or conversation but you laid back enough not to dictate what others have to do either. Best bet for you is to see who you jive with the most—go with your gut.

Did this quiz peg your roommate personality? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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